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NFL, NFLPA come to 'tentative agreement' on HGH testing

An official announcement hasn't come down from the league, but a testing policy is in place.


The NFL and NFLPA have reached an agreement on human growth hormone testing for the upcoming season, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, who obtained a memo sent out by the players union.

This agreement comes one day after the two sides reached an agreement on a study that would determine the baseline levels of HGH hormones.

Five players selected from eight different teams for 40 total would be tested each week. A player who fails the test would then be suspended for four games, though players retain the right to appeal that punishment.

Every player in the league would also have to submit a blood test before the testing even begins to seed the HGH study.

The NFL has yet to officially announce the agreement, but an announcement may be coming soon.

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