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Uffsides: 2013 AFC South preview

Matt Ufford and Nick Stevens break down the AFC South, making their predictions for the expected win totals of the Texans, Jaguars, Titans and doomed-to-regress Colts. SPOILER ALERT: it sucks to be a Jags fan.

Matt Ufford and Nick Stevens discuss the over/under odds for the AFC South teams, deciding that the Houston Texans are a solid bet to beat not only the Vegas odds at 11.5 wins, but every other team in their division. With a star-studded roster ready to roll for 2013, the guys see a 13-3 finish, though they warn of the annual flameout in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, expect a regression to the mean for the Indianapolis Colts, who will finish below their 8.5 over/under after shocking the league with a 10-win season in 2012. The Tennessee Titans, who Nick labels the Buffalo Bills of the AFC South, have made some upgrades but are still limited by the play of their young quarterback, Jake Locker. Look for them to finish on the wrong side of 6.5 wins. The Jacksonville Jaguars can't be worse than their 2-14 2012 season, and should be a push to grab five victories.

The full AFC preview can be seen here.