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Aaron Hernandez pens another jailhouse letter to fan

The accused murderer talked about his daughter and shared advice with a fan in another jailhouse letter.


Someone's going to tell Aaron Hernandez just how useless it is to ask his admirers to keep his jailhouse letters private, maybe. Another one of his correspondences found its way to the internet on Monday morning, via Radar Online.

The accused murderer offers no revelations or psychological insight in the letter. Mostly he's just sharing some words of encouragement with a fan... who decided to share those words with an online gossip site.

Everything happens for a reason in life in both of our situations. Whatever obstacles/struggles will only make us stronger.

Didn't really need to write him a letter to get that advice since it's the same filler in 95 percent of all tweets by NFL players.

... I miss my little girl terribly an my biggest fear of all is she wont know daddy! She said daddy first time or should I say "DaDa" and had to hear it from jail.

And here's another sad reminder about what family and friends of the victim and the accused have to live with in the wake of a needless crime.

I should probably note here that America's well-stocked prisons are full of stories like this, ones that don't involve a famous athlete. But you should already know that.

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