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Michael Irvin: It's 'stupid' for Michael Vick not to slide

Michael Irvin criticized Michael Vick for his running style, saying it's "stupid" for him not to slide.

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NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin said it's "mind boggling" that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick hasn't learned how to slide in his 11-year career, according to an interview with David Steele of the Sporting News.

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Speaking on NFL Network's preseason introduction last week, Irvin had some harsh words about Vick's aggressive running style.

"I mean, I'm watching the game (last week against Carolina)-he took a hit in the preseason, and he almost didn't get up. I said, ‘Oh my God.' Down on the goal line, he almost did not get up, on that play down on the goal line. Are you (kidding) me? I mean ...'' Irvin chuckled and shook his head.


"Somebody's got to say that (to him)-you can't do that. It's stupid. You cannot be this stupid. You cannot be this dumb. It's impossible. Your (butt) has been hurt every year. Stop putting your body on the line like that.''

Irvin went on to compare Vick to Russell Wilson, praising the Seahawks quarterback for his sliding technique and tendency to avoid contact:

"This is a processing problem that Michael Vick has, and he'd better get it, or he will be out of this league real soon. And it's not that hard. (Seattle's) Russell Wilson got it, and real quickly; he got it, and he hasn't been in the league but a year. Michael Vick has to know when not to fight, slide his butt down, or he will not make the whole season.''

Vick hasn't played all 16 games in a season since 2006, and hasn't played in more than 13 since 2011. The Eagles will try to keep the 33-year-old better protected with an improved offensive line and Chip Kelly's run-first offense.

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