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VIDEO: Rex Ryan's sideways press conference

The Jets did manage to beat the Giants in a meaningless preseason game.

Things are bad for the New York Jets. Geno Smith threw three picks and ran out of the end zone to give the Giants two points. Mark Sanchez struggled, too, but left in the fourth quarter with a shoulder injury.

Ryan put Sanchez into the game in the fourth quarter with the backups because he wanted to win ... a preseason game.

Soon enough he lost it. Pressed about making a decision on who the starter would be, a frustrated Ryan mentioned America, freedom of speech and followed that with a helpful demonstration of all the different ways he could answer that question.

Just watch the fun!

Sadly, not being able to name a starter right now is probably the one nugget of sanity in the whole thing.

Someone definitely picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.