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Kevin Kolb concussion may be career ending, per report

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The Bills are reportedly concerned that Kevin Kolb's latest concussion will end his career.

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The Buffalo Bills are worried that quarterback Kevin Kolb's concussion may be career ending, according to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. Kolb suffered his latest concussion in Saturday's preseason game against the Washington Redskins and is considered out indefinitely.

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Kolb has a long history with concussions. He missed two-plus games with one in 2010 while with the Philadelphia Eagles, and suffered another one with the Arizona Cardinals in 2011, costing him the final three games of the season.

If Kolb's latest injury indeed ends his career, he wouldn't be the first player this year to retire early due to concussions. Cardinals rookie Ryan Swope decided to end his NFL career without even playing a game after multiple concussions at Texas A&M.

The Bills are scrambling for warm bodies at the quarterback position with both Kolb and E.J. Manuel out. On Sunday, they signed Matt Leinart and have reportedly traded for Thaddeus Lewis.

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