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Jets head coach Rex Ryan knows how to throw a press conference

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Ol' Rex was at the podium again on Tuesday afternoon, revealing things he probably shouldn't be revealing, except for his starting quarterback.

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Rex Ryan didn't do an interpretive dance about quarterbacks and our First Amendment rights at his Tuesday afternoon press conference. Nevertheless, there was more than enough insanity to go around, unintentional hilarity as the Jets' preseason continues to spiral out of control.

Who ran the sim version of Chip Kelly's offense? The first-team offense is threadbare as it is. Mark Sanchez spent practice on the bike, so maybe it was Geno Smith. Ryan thought Smith would be perfect for a read-option specialist this season; nevermind the troublesome fact that Smith didn't run an option offense at West Virginia.

The real takeaway here: The Jets are game-planning for the fourth and final preseason game. Remember what happened last week when Ryan took the preseason a little too seriously and sent Sanchez back on the field in the fourth quarter?

Just like the Raiders offense, huh? Kiss. Of. Death.

Bigmouth strikes again. Until today, the party line on the first-round pick was that he had a calf injury. Rex said "Achilles issue" on Tuesday, which is slightly more serious. He at least maintained that Darrelle Revis' replacement -- no pressure, kid -- would be ready for Week 1. So, the good news is that Rex is thinking about Week 1 of the regular season a little bit.

I would laugh, but there's no telling if Sanchez will be healthy enough to play after injuring his shoulder in last week's debacle. Maybe Geno can just run some read option since it's apparently pretty easy to do.

Oh, Ryan still hasn't picked his starting quarterback for Week 1. At this rate, you probably shouldn't sleep on Matt Simms.

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