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2013 NFC West over/under win predictions

Matt Ufford breaks down the NFC West, making quick and dirty predictions for the 2013 win totals of the Seahawks, 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals. Let's be honest: the conference's balance of power hangs in the Seahawks-Niners rivalry.

SBNation's Matt Ufford looked at the over/under totals in the NFC West for the upcoming season and took a stand on where he would place his bets.

The 49ers are currently set at 11.5 wins and Ufford took the under, explaining that injuries to Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham makes them a little "thin at wide receiver" and that could leave them just shy of 12 wins. On the other hand, Ufford took the over on the Seattle Seahawks 10.5 win total projection, but "just barely." Ufford has the Seahawks finishing at 11-5.

Meanwhile, Ufford only sees the Rams "a hair over" their 7.5 win projection, and there aren't enough skill players to get them over .500. That leaves them right at 8-8. Ufford also took the over on the Cardinals 5.5 win projection, but in the difficult NFC West doesn't seem them winning many games within the division.