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2013 NFC East over/under win predictions

Matt Ufford breaks down the NFC East, making quick and dirty predictions for the 2013 win totals of the Giants, Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys. SPOILER: We hope you like dice games.

As Matt Ufford continues to make his predictions for each division in the NFC, the East is up next. Judging by the over/under for each team, the division seems to be pretty close. All four teams are somewhere between 7.5 and 9.0 predicted wins, and Ufford thinks that's how it'll play out.

Ufford freely admitted, in reference to the Dallas Cowboys' prospective record, that any positive prediction must consider the possibility of Tony Romo choking at some point, likely late in the season. He predicted it won't happen until the playoffs, so the regular-season prediction of over 8.5 wins is safe. The Cowboys are Ufford's division champions.

Nothing has really changed about the Washington Redskins, who won the division last year at 10-6. Getting Brian Orakpo back from a torn pectoral muscle is a nice boon, which Ufford admits, but he decided to take the under on 8.5 wins because "that's just how the NFC East works."

The New York Giants' defense of yesterday is just that. Osi Umenyiora left a unit that was 31st in yards allowed even with him last season. Ufford felt safe -- at least his tone sure made it seem that way -- taking the under on 9.0 wins for the Giants. As for the Philadelphia Eagles, they'll be fun to watch under first-year coach Chip Kelly. It can't get any worse than last year's 4-12 team. Is fun good enough to win more than 7.5 games? Ufford wasn't willing to go that far. He took the under.