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Steve Smith's ball spin touchdown celebration now considered taunting

The NFL is cracking down even further on celebrations by happy players looking to boogie.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The National Football League is known as the No Fun League by some for cracking down on post-play celebrations, and now it is taking everything another step further, according to Joe Person.

From now on, spinning the ball - something Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers made famous - will be considered taunting should it be done near an opponent.

Here is an example of a play the NFL won't be tolerating in the future:

Above, you see Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills doing an interesting dance move after scoring a game-tying touchdown in the area of New York Giants corner Corey Webster.

The NFL might have a tough time enforcing this rule in a tight game without enduring a major storm of criticism. Of course, that has never stopped the league before from making unpopular changes within the game.

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