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The Packers are fighting their way through training camp, literally

Did someone finally ask Jermichael Finley why he drops so many passes?

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Jonathan Daniel

You hear a lot about battles during training camp. Usually, it's roster battles, but battles battles, aka fights, are a staple of camp fun, too. Too much rising and grinding perhaps? The Green Bay Packers got in on the fun Wednesday. Someone caught tight end Jermichael Finley on video.

Rough times for the Packers, you guys. They should probably be careful given all the injuries.

Finley's not having the best camp. Recent reports had him not getting many passes thrown his way. Maybe the frustration's getting to him? Maybe someone asked him about his proclivity to drop passes at exactly the wrong time? We don't know why Jermichael Finley is so pissed off, but he seems to have found an outlet for his frustrations. And that's a net positive.

Keep on rising and grinding, guys, rise and grind.

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