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Chris Johnson gives Bacarri Rambo his 'Welcome to the NFL' moment

It's only the first week of preseason for the Tennessee Titans, but fans should be pleasantly surprised to see CJ2K is back to midseason form.

Washington Redskins strong safety Bacarri Rambo shouldn't feel too bad. Every rookie is bound to have their "Welcome to the NFL" moment, after all, and he'll be glad his happened Week 1 of preseason, rather than with a real game on the line.

Still, we can't help but watch this veteran taking advantage of an overly exuberant rookie.


Rambo thinks he has Chris Johnson squared up for the first big hit of his career, but no such luck. With the slightest of stutter steps, Johnson takes this one all the way for a touchdown. This isn't even the best of CJ2K's lateral moves, which gives you an idea of how dangerous he is during the regular season.

The sun will rise again tomorrow, and the rookie safety will likely get his fair share of mockery in team meetings. Meanwhile, Johnson gets to add another defensive back to the long list he's embarrassed over his career.