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Redskins vs. Titans 2013 Chris Johnson, Shonn Greene 'the return of Smash-and-Dash?'

Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene broke out for long touchdown runs in the first half of the Tennessee Titans' first preseason game, and although it was a loss, their play was encouraging. The defense, not so much.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The end result of the Redskins-Titans preseason affair Thursday night -- a 22-21 Washington win on the strength of a last-minute drive by fourth-string QB Pat White, who picked up the two-point conversion so the two teams wouldn't have to play overtime -- was meaningless, but there were things to be gleaned from Tennessee's first outing of the year for Titans fans.

For Jimmy Morris SB Nation's Music City Miracles, the focus was on the running game, as Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene busted out for a pair of first-quarter touchdowns to give the team a 14-7 lead:

The running game is back.  Chris Johnson broke Baccari Rambo's ankles after the line gave him a lot of room to run, and Shonn Greene was very effective.  It might be too early to declare the return of Smash and Dash, but I am declaring the return of Smash and Dash.

Morris wanted to talk more about Johnson's 58-yard run, and you should click through that link if you want to see the nasty GIF.

Chris Johnson had some trouble making guys miss in the open field last year.  It doesn't look like that will be a problem this year.  The move you see right there is one that he used often in his first two years, and it is the same one that sent Michael Griffin flying in practice earlier than camp.  What really made it possible was the offensive line blowing the Redskins' defensive line off the ball.

However, there was disappointment in the ease with which the team gave up points, especially as Redskins star Robert Griffin III was sitting for the game, saying the defense "looked exactly like last year." The Titans gave up 29.4 points per game last year, worst in the league, so, no, this was not a compliment.

There was some clarity from the most important ongoing position battle at cornerback, where Alterraun Verner appears to have the lead over Tommie Campbell on the opposite side of Jason McCourty:

It is way too early to declare Verner the winner in this battle, but at this point it is pretty clear that he is the leader in the clubhouse.  The Titans know that he can get the job done there.  They are likely to go with a known commodity over a guy that has proven to be nothing but inconsistent.

Morris also provided analysis of which players on the roster bubble showed up well, namely running back Jackie Battle.

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