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Randy Moss reportedly close to joining Fox's football coverage

Moss may soon be coming to a television screen near you.


Randy Moss is close to signing a contract with Fox to become a part of the company's NFL coverage, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Moss left retirement last year to play for the San Francisco 49ers, but a deal with Fox would indicate that his playing days are now over for good.

What Moss' role would be with Fox is not yet certain, Florio says:

The full scope of his duties isn't currently known, but Moss is expected to contribute to FOX Football Daily on the new FOX Sports 1, a show that will feature Curt Menefee, Jay Glazer, Brian Urlacher, and Ronde Barber. Moss also could appear on the new all-sports network on Sundays, too.

Fox Sports 1, which is expected to launch later this month, is being positioned as a possible competitor to ESPN. Both CBS and NBC have sports networks of their own, though neither has been successful in putting a dent in ESPN's hold on the sports landscape. Fox has been more aggressive in building its sports network, though, and it will need interesting personalities -- among many other things -- to challenge an entrenched and massive entity like ESPN.

Moss certainly would give Fox that. He has never been afraid to share his opinion, for better or worse, and he had a colorful -- not to mention outstanding -- playing career that included a fine for a now-infamous touchdown celebration.

UPDATE: Moss appears to have tweeted confirmation of this move:

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