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NFL Week 2 preview: Redskins vs. Packers

Was RGIII just working kinks out in Week 1, or will his knee continue to look less than 100 percent? Can the Packers' aerial assault make up for their iffy line play? Two 2012 division winners look to bounce back from tough Week 1 losses.

The Packers got burned by Colin Kaepernick and yet another referee mishap in their Week 1 loss to the 49ers, while Robert Griffin III and the Redskins couldn't overcome an ugly first half against the Eagles. Most of the focus in this battle between 0-1 teams will be on RGIII's surgically repaired right knee and whether last week's early struggles were indeed a sign of lingering issues. With Eddie Lacy facing a weak Redskins defensive front, Matt Ufford thinks this one may come down to the Packers' ability to run the football.