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Strippers, the Chiefs and life on the plains of Western Missouri

You can learn a lot about a place from its strippers and tailgaters.

The Kansas City Chiefs are off to a red hot start. But there's trouble afoot in the sanguine parking lots outside of Arrowhead Stadium. On the surface, this is a story about strippers tailgating and parents upset about it. Zoom out and you get a delicious slice of Missouri life.

For those of you who only get to experience our corner of the U.S.A. while flying over it, allow me to share the scene from the sea of Red.

The D.I.Y. spirit, born of our frontier roots, has always been a part of life here. In 90 seconds of news footage you'll see coolers turned into go-karts, homemade grills and folding camping chairs used in every imaginable way.


There's a man "doctoring," we like to call, his hot dog with plain yellow mustard. A camo Chiefs hat to let unsuspecting turkeys know where your allegiances lie. An iPhone holster replaces a shooting iron. There's a Dante Hall jersey, probably one of hundred or so on the scene.


And the strippers look just like the girl next door, except they're not wearing Chiefs jerseys. Come to think of it, that might be the real problem here.


You can watch the entire report here, via KSHB: