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Darrelle Revis at odds with Greg Schiano's coaching style

The All-Pro cornerback isn't happy with his head coach in Tampa Bay.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis hasn't been in Tampa Bay for six months, but the All-Pro cornerback has already had his fill of Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano.

A Fox Sports report from Mike Garafolo indicates that Revis is growing upset with Schiano's strict approach to managing the team, as well as the lack of man coverage in the team's defense. The coach's history of control is well documented, reportedly micromanaging the temperature of team facilities and having his hand in the minutia of how his players operate.

Revis spent the first six years of his career with the New York Jets, four under head coach Rex Ryan. The defensive-minded Ryan is known for running a fairly loose program, which makes him a player favorite -- even when the Jets aren't winning games on Sunday.

This controversy is one in a line of off-field issues for the Buccaneers this offseason. Players already lack trust for their head coach after conducting a players-only meeting where they reportedly raised questions whether team captaincy voting was rigged, while veteran quarterback Josh Freeman was forced to come out and publicly deny reports that he is demanding a trade.

Tampa Bay is currently 0-2 on the season and Schiano's seat is growing hotter. With reports of unhappy players mounting, it remains to be seen what will ignite this powder keg next.

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