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Brandon Lloyd moves on from NFL to acting

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Brandon Lloyd would rather have a role in a movie than a role on an NFL team. Unfortunately, it looks like it's a tiny role in a horrible movie.

Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well...
Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well...
Jim Rogash

Several teams tried to convince Brandon Lloyd to sign with them this season after he had 74 catches for 911 yards and four touchdowns with the Patriots last season. But he's turned them all down, saying he wasn't mentally or physically ready to play football.

Now, we know why: it seems he's trying his hand at acting. He'll be appearing in "After Effect," a straight-to-DVD zombie movie starring Daniel Baldwin, who is either the least-known or second-to-least-known Baldwin brother, depending on your opinion of Stephen.

First off: hey, congrats, Brandon on finding a new calling!

Second off: Is this a great career move, Brandon? On the one hand, we can see how a 32-year-old could get tired after 10 years of NFL life. But, well, the Patriots, like, really need wide receivers, and, well ... it looks like this is his role in the movie:

Brandon, in his role as "Sgt. Chuck Lloyd" (his last name is Lloyd so he doesn't have to, like, pretend or anything) walks slowly, opens some doors, shoots some bullets, and, well, doesn't say anything. If he does say stuff in the movie, the filmmakers apparently weren't confident enough in Lloyd's acting ability to let anybody on the Internet see it beforehand.

For The Win points out that most of his fellow actors don't have IMDB headshots and that the director's best credit is "serving as an assistant to the producers in a Kathy Griffin television special," but I'm sure those facts aren't indicative of the movie being terrib-- oh okay

It's not just that Lloyd gave up an NFL role for a movie role, it's that it seems like he gave up a relatively big NFL role for a cameo in an aggressively bad movie. Best of luck to Brandon in future endeavors, but I will not be buying "After Effect" -- available at Walmart on Oct. 8!