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Week 3 NFL preview: Andy Reid returns to Philly; Trent Richardson debuts with Indy

Matt Ufford breaks down the biggest games of Week 3 of the 2013 NFL season, headlined by Andy Reid's return to Philadelphia on Thursday night and Trent Richardson's Colts debut in San Francisco.

There's an intriguing slate of games headlining Week 3 of the 2013 NFL season, and Matt Ufford's here to break down the five that you can't afford to miss.

Andy Reid makes his return to Philly on Thursday night, when his Chiefs defense will try their hand at slowing down Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense. The Texans have won the first two games of the season on the last play of each game. Can they keep the magic going against a struggling Ravens team?

RGIII's sophomore campaign hasn't started the way he wanted, and Matt wonders how long it will take before Ndamukong Suh dives at his knee during the Redskins-Lions game. Andrew Luck leads the Colts against his college coach Jim Harbaugh, while Trent Richardson makes his debut in Indy.

Then there's Seahawks vs. Jaguars. It will get ugly.

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