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NFL coaches on the hot seat: Ron Rivera still seeking first win of 2013

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Rex Ryan, Ron Rivera and three others on our hot seat watch lost in Week 2, while Dennis Allen managed a win. Also, where does Gus Bradley belong?

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Last week, we introduced our look at NFL coaches on the "hot seat" for the 2013-14 season. The hot seat being that said coach needs to win sooner rather than later, otherwise he stands a high chance of being fired. In order of hottest seat to coolest-but-still-in-danger-seat (working title), we compiled this list of coaches:

Rex Ryan (New York Jets), Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys), Jim Schwartz (Detroit Lions), Dennis Allen (Oakland Raiders), Mike Munchak (Tennessee Titans) and Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers).

Four of those six coaches were actually victorious in Week 1, successfully putting off the hot seat for a short while. Allen and Rivera were the only two to lose, and one of them helped his case in Week 2. However, the rest of them all stumbled this past week and are right back in said hot seat. Let's take a look at what went down.

After Week 2

Losers: Ryan, Garrett, Schwartz, Munchak, Rivera

Both Ryan and Garrett scored important victories in Week 1. The Cowboys took down NFC East rivals the New York Giants, while Ryan's team just needed to get a win with Geno Smith at quarterback. But both teams faltered in different ways in Week 2.

Ryan's Jets actually held Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to 13 points, and put up 10 of their own. It wasn't your stereotypical Jets loss where they get completely blown out, so Ryan's still probably in good standing at this point, even at 1-1. Garrett's Cowboys, however, fell to the Kansas City Chiefs, the worst team of last season. It doesn't matter how close it is -- that's a black mark.

Schwartz's Lions lost to the Arizona Cardinals, who are deceptively talented. The loss won't be huge on his record, but the fact that his team drew eight penalties for 101 yards definitely doesn't help. Schwartz has only had one bad season in Detroit, but his place on the hot seat remains due to the lack of control in regard to his players.

It was a tough loss for Munchak's Titans, given that they played extremely hard against the playoff-bound Houston Texans. In the end, they just couldn't finish them off, allowing the Texans to come back into it and eventually score a touchdown in overtime. The Titans like a lot of their young talent, and are keen on getting rid of any dead weight -- looking at you, Kenny Britt -- so Munchak needs to get said talent winning games before too long. All things said, the Titans could have done a lot worse in Week 2.

Lastly, we come to Rivera and his Panthers. Rivera's heralded defense was so-so against rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel and the Buffalo Bills, and a last-second touchdown by Buffalo certainly can't be pinned on Cam Newton and the offense. The defense fell apart late -- nothing else to it.

Victorious: Allen

How 'bout them Raiders? This isn't exactly going to be at the top of Allen's resume, given the team that Oakland beat: the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Raiders held the Jaguars to three points through three quarters, and didn't allow a touchdown until the fourth. They won, 19-9, but it was a game they absolutely should have won.

Allen would be in a bad place if the Raiders couldn't beat Jacksonville, a team widely considered the worst in the league. The Raiders' front office knows the team is still a season or two away from really competing, but Allen has shown flaws at the fundamental level, especially with the offense last season. That's why he's on the hot seat, and losing to the Jaguars would have greatly exacerbated his situation.

Looking Ahead

Garrett's Cowboys have a home game, but it is a tough one against the St. Louis Rams. Dallas is the narrow favorite to win that matchup and put Garrett at 2-1 for the season, but the Rams have a very tough defense and if they shut Tony Romo down, then that's all there is to it. Munchak and the Titans draw the San Diego Chargers, who are coming off an upset win against the Eagles, so that one should be interesting.

Things continue to be tough for the Lions, who will take on the Washington Redskins, but given that Robert Griffin III doesn't look like himself, that game could go either way. Ryan may be able to get back to a winning record on Sunday, as his Jets face the Bills, who have been inconsistent this season. A win there would be good, considering the Jets have some tough games on the horizon, with Atlanta, New England, Cincinnati and New Orleans coming up.

Next are the two most difficult matchups for our coaches on the hot seat: The Panthers will draw the New York Giants, while the poor, poor Raiders will face Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. For Carolina, it is facing a Giants team in disarray and Rivera's defense may be able to take advantage of Eli Manning and his seven interceptions.

As far as the Raiders are concerned, the one thing going for them is that it's a divisional matchup. They know the Broncos, and their odds increase because of that. But it's about the only thing going for them at this point.

New Entry?

Gus Bradley was brought into Jacksonville to make the Jaguars relevant again. He was an excellent defensive coordinator with the Seattle Seahawks, and that has translated to at least one positive stat for the Jags: They boast the No. 2 pass defense in the league, allowing just 142.5 passing yards per game through two weeks.

The bad news is that they've only played the Chiefs and the Raiders, and even though Alex Smith is enjoying a nice career resurgence, he's never been one to throw for big yardage, while Terrelle Pryor isn't exactly known for shredding secondaries.

For more bad news, the Jaguars have the No. 28 passing offense, No. 30 rushing offense and No. 31 rushing defense in the NFL. They throw for 160.5 yards on average, rush for a minuscule 52.5 yards on average and allow 173.5 rushing yards on average.

Bradley wasn't expected to turn this franchise around right away, and he should get another year after this one regardless. We can't place him on the hot seat just yet but the Jaguars do legitimately look like a contender for an 0-16 season, and if the team continues to eschew the basic fundamentals of playing football, it wouldn't be the most shocking thing to see Bradley ousted.

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