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Peyton Manning sets another NFL record

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With his third touchdown against Oakland, Peyton Manning set a NFL record.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning hit Julius Thomas for a 13-yard touchdown on Monday against Oakland. The touchdown gave Denver a 24-7 lead over the Raiders and clinched another NFL record for Manning.

The touchdown was Manning's 12th of the season, setting a new NFL record for the most touchdown passes through three games of a season. Tom Brady held the previous record with 11 touchdowns through three games in 2011. Brady finished that season with 39 touchdown passes.

Manning's record-setting Week 1 gave him a huge jump start on setting the record. He torched the Baltimore Ravens for seven touchdown passes, and followed that up with just two touchdown passes against the Giants in Week 2. Still, his nine touchdown passes through two games were enough to tie Drew Brees for the most in NFL history.

The Broncos didn't score a first-quarter touchdown in either of their first two games. That changed quickly on Monday with Manning leading an eight-play 55-yard drive to open the game. The drive culminated with a 2-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker.

Manning tied Brady's record later in the game with a 12-yard touchdown pass to Wes Welker. Manning is currently on pace to throw more than 64 touchdowns this season. That would set yet another record, breaking Brady's single-season record of 50.

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