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Week 4 NFL preview: Patriots vs. Falcons

Two teams that were one game away from the Super Bowl last season face off on Sunday Night Football in Week 4. The Patriots are 3-0 after winning two sloppy nail-biters, while the Falcons are 1-2 after dropping a pair of tough road games. Matt Ufford previews the game and makes his pick.

The Atlanta Falcons are in danger of falling to 1-3 to start their season when they take on an undefeated New England Patriots team in the Georgia Dome this weekend. A legitimate contender to win the NFC, the Falcons could be in panic mode with a loss, or could restore a hefty dose of confidence with a win over Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Matt Ufford thinks they'll do the latter, and picks them to pull out the victory.