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Josh Freeman to watch Buccaneers game from suite, not sidelines

Ouch, Tampa Bay.

Jim Rogash

We knew that Josh Freeman was interested in getting out of Tampa Bay after being benched, and we knew that the Buccaneers were interested in getting him out of there as well. The team even went so far as to make Freeman inactive for Sunday's game against the Cardinals, but it turns out they're actually going a little bit farther than just keeping him out of uniform.

Yes, they're legitimately exiling Freeman as much as they can while he's still on the team's roster. Making your benched QB watch the game from a separate location is the harshest move since firing your coach in a parking lot and telling the bus to leave without him. It's understandable that the team wouldn't want the distraction of a player who clearly doesn't want to be there on the sidelines, but it could be just as awkward with Freeman gazing down on the action from a suite. There are definite shades of George Costanza in his final days at Play Now here.

With Freeman in a suite, the Bucs' only other active quarterback is Dan Orlovsky, so things could get weird if Mike Glennon gets hurt.