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The Jets are back ... the sad Jets

There were turnovers, a butt fumble and a highlight reel filled with hopelessness as the Jets we all expected returned to the field this week.

Remember when it looked like the 2013 Jets would be better than the Mark Sanchez-led version of recent years? Better even than the narrative that stewed all summer? The season started off that way when Rex Ryan's team jumped out to a surprising 2-1 start. That one loss was a narrow one to the Patriots too.

And then it happened. The Jets we know and love, the team that takes self-inflicted wounds to new heights of excellence, returned to the field this Sunday.

Geno Smith turned the ball over four times, two fumbles and two interceptions, in a 38-13 loss to the Titans in Week 4. The rookie quarterback even had his own version of the butt fumble when he tried some strange behind-the-back trick with an oncoming rusher.

All we can do is pay duty to the symphony of sadness, with a video montage and some royalty-free music. Welcome back, Gang Green.