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Dolphins vs. Saints, Monday Night Football live coverage

A pair of undefeated teams square off on Monday Night Football.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Battle of the undefeated!

Ryan Nanni [11:40 PM]:


Mark Ennis [11:35 PM]:

The Saints just tried to sweep the leg.

Stephen White [11:30 PM]:

Hey man just throw deep balls to Mike Wallace every play if you are about to be throwing a bunch of interceptions tannehill. At least make em arm punts!

Ryan Nanni [11:20 PM]:

It’s so hypnotic.

Oh No Romo [11:19 PM]:

@Clay Wendler “Time to Gruden-cise”

Clay Wendler [11:18 PM]:

Stephen White [11:16 PM]:

Bad fit on that iso. LB has to take it on with inside shoulder and turn it back to his help

Oh No Romo [11:15 PM]:

@sgw94 they picked up some yards on that play.

Stephen White [11:14 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [11:14 PM]:

Sean Payton doing Crossfit is the least surprising thing ever.

Oh No Romo [11:13 PM]:

They need to get a stop though

Stephen White [11:10 PM]:

Well now, maybe this isn’t as over as we thought…

Stephen White [11:05 PM]:

Sliding on turf? Eeeesh

Stephen White [10:57 PM]:

How can a WR that looks as slow as Colston does EVERY PLAY keep getting open like that?!

Stephen White [10:53 PM]:

The first week the Falcons moved down close to the goalline but ended up facing a third down. Cam got in a three point stance five yards off the ball and took a running start into the Falcons OL. One of the scariest things ive ever seen lol

Ryan Nanni [10:52 PM]:

Miami’s pass protection should be an e-mail scam.

Travis Miller [10:49 PM]:

I am not ashamed to admit I have had a hetero man-crush on Drew Brees for 15 years.

Kevol80 [10:48 PM]:

Stephen White [10:47 PM]:

There’s Cam Jordan

Oh No Romo [10:47 PM]:

Stephen White [10:47 PM]:

Forget about Vacarro’s big hits for a second. That dude jams the hell out of legit WRs on a regular in bump and run. Knocked Vincent Jackson down TWICE

Clay Wendler [10:46 PM]:

Travis Miller [10:44 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman He setthe Big Ten passing yardage record his first full season as a starter in 1998.

Oh No Romo [10:42 PM]:

Is it me, or does Gruden really love saying “Jimmy Graham?”

Stephen White [10:42 PM]:

Yep, out of hand

Rodger Sherman [10:40 PM]:

@BoilerTMill he didn’t even seem like a pro guy for a few years into his Purdue career, right?

Ryan Nanni [10:38 PM]:

A million dollar drop there, Mike Wallace.

Stephen White [10:37 PM]:

@Mark Ennis yeah whew boy the money id have lost betting the Dolphins with Culpepper would make out better than the Saints with Brees back then lol

Travis Miller [10:36 PM]:

Always happy I can say I got to see Brees long before anyone else knew him. I was at his second collegiate start back in 1998 as a freshman.

Rodger Sherman [10:32 PM]:

so… the dolphins being undefeated…

Stephen White [10:31 PM]:

This one is on the verge of getting out of hand now

Mark Ennis [10:31 PM]:

@sgw94 Amazing to think people really were convinced Brees was done after shoulder surgery.

Stephen White [10:29 PM]:

We are watching a surgeon at work right now.

Stephen White [10:27 PM]:

Random but is Colston a HOFer? I mean i never even considered it but…

Stephen White [10:25 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Florio earlier linked to the mortenson article which said Freeman didnt have to fail a drug test or do anything to be put into the program, then Florio said in his post that Freeman must have done something to be in the program. So he kinda did

Mark Ennis [10:24 PM]:

@Run Home Jack probably thinks Ritalin is ok if it helps you pay attention to commands.

Ryan Nanni [10:17 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Surprised Florio didn’t suggest prescribed medication was a gateway drug.

PFT Commenter [10:13 PM]:

well yea 12-0 are number’s

Mark Ennis [10:12 PM]:

Mark Ennis [10:11 PM]:

LOL at the defender “Eli about to throw me something, here”

Stephen White [10:09 PM]:

That was pretty much worst case scenario for the Dolphins ending the half after having the ball looking to score on a two minute drill drive

Ryan Van Bibber [10:05 PM]:

Mark Ennis [10:05 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Haha, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Stephen White [10:05 PM]:

Can’t go for the ball unless you actually get the ball in that situation smh

Ryan Nanni [10:05 PM]:

<-called it (sort of)

Ryan Nanni [10:04 PM]:

Gotta say, other than the struggles with Sproles, Miami’s defense has really shown up tonight.

Mark Ennis [10:03 PM]:

Mark Ennis [10:02 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Woody Harrelson.

Stephen White [10:02 PM]:

Vernon has really come on strong. He isn’t letting Jordan take his starting job any time soon

Ryan Nanni [10:01 PM]:

Joe Philbin looks like a caricature you get drawn on vacation.

James F'n X [9:59 PM]:

Josh Freeman ripped the materials tag off his mattress before reselling it. #LeakedJoshFreemanFacts

Mark Ennis [9:59 PM]:

The struggle is real for Mike Sherman

Stephen White [9:59 PM]:

That pass right there is the one thing holding me back from really jumping feet first on the Dolphins bandwagon. Tannehill seems to always be good for one of those

PFT Commenter [9:58 PM]:

i bet Freemen bought the entire no limit colection for a penny then never ordered a nother CD again

Mark Ennis [9:58 PM]:

That was just a bad decision.

Clay Wendler [9:57 PM]:

i used to wake up late when i was in college and break the speed limit getting to the bar

Clay Wendler [9:56 PM]:

those fear of missing out on football commercials are so true

Ryan Nanni [9:56 PM]:

At least the Bucs are in the news! (vomits)

PFT Commenter [9:55 PM]:

wow me thinks the lady protest to much

James F'n X [9:55 PM]:

Josh Freeman would do literally anything for a Klondike bar. #LeakedJoshFreemanFacts

Stephen White [9:54 PM]:

James F'n X [9:54 PM]:

At a 2012 training camp session closed to the public, Josh Freeman refused to sign a ball for a Make-A-Wish patient visiting the Tampa Bay training facility. #LeakedJoshFreemanFacts

Mark Ennis [9:53 PM]:

Mark Ennis [9:53 PM]:

Oh No Romo [9:51 PM]:

When does Schiano leak to the press that Josh Freeman tried a rum runner once?

James F'n X [9:49 PM]:

(That last one is a lie. There’s not thousands of Buccaneer fans, west coast or otherwise.)

Mark Ennis [9:49 PM]:

James F'n X [9:48 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Other things Greg Schiano does: Openly rooting for the Rangers tonight, spoiling Breaking Bad to thousands of west coast Buccaneer fans

PFT Commenter [9:48 PM]:

seems a bit un safe

PFT Commenter [9:48 PM]:

shoudnt there be a database of what medicines NFL players are on so we as fans no what we souldnt throw at them in case of adverse reactions?

Stephen White [9:48 PM]:

Didnt even need the puller, once again nobody in backside B gap

Mark Ennis [9:48 PM]:

Stephen White [9:47 PM]:

In a lot of ways that TD run was the dame concept as the earlier Sproles run

Stephen White [9:46 PM]:

@Mark Ennis but we knew that. Glad to see confirmation though. Its over for Schiano here I promise

Rodger Sherman [9:46 PM]:

It’s a little bit screwed up they gave Rafael Bush Reggie Bush’s old number.

Oh No Romo [9:45 PM]:

If Miami ends this drive with a field goal…

Stephen White [9:45 PM]:

Helluva juke move, gotta high step it on in though son!

Rodger Sherman [9:45 PM]:

DAMN, marcus thigpen

Mark Ennis [9:45 PM]:

Hey guys, Greg Schiano is an asshole

Stephen White [9:43 PM]:

Hartline is so underrated

James F'n X [9:41 PM]:

@Clay Wendler “C’mon! Let’s play tag! You’re it! Got your hair!”

Mark Ennis [9:40 PM]:

But let’s keep putting a LB one on one on Sproles.

Clay Wendler [9:39 PM]:

Clay Wendler [9:38 PM]:

Stephen White [9:36 PM]:

That’s just unfair

Mark Ennis [9:36 PM]:

Jimmy Graham is uncoverable.

Stephen White [9:35 PM]:

On cue

Mark Ennis [9:35 PM]:

Sproles is just torturing the Dolphins.

Stephen White [9:33 PM]:

….unless they have Sproles and you decide to go three man rush and your end comes inside

Ryan Nanni [9:32 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [9:32 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [9:32 PM]:

@sgw94 OR ARE THEY.

Stephen White [9:32 PM]:

Holding calls are the biggest drive killers ever

PFT Commenter [9:28 PM]:

also ive never seen a pony with a grill

Ryan Nanni [9:27 PM]:

Damn shame, because Miami was doing some nice things on this drive.

Stephen White [9:26 PM]:


Oh No Romo [9:26 PM]:

Bad fumble by Tannehill

PFT Commenter [9:26 PM]:

id call mike wallace a 1 trick pony put you can tell a pony what to do

Stephen White [9:25 PM]:

Nice disguise on that coverage. Wanted a smoke route but corner rolled up on WR late

Oh No Romo [9:24 PM]:

Someone lost a shoe?

Stephen White [9:23 PM]:

Tannehill should have led him more for sure, but Wallace has to catch that.

Stephen White [9:23 PM]:

Right through his hands smh

Stephen White [9:22 PM]:

Jordan barely plays most games but always ends up around the QB. Always.

Ryan Nanni [9:22 PM]:

Not exactly a 3 man rush there.

Stephen White [9:21 PM]:

Breaking: Dion Jordan is really good at rushing the passer

Mark Ennis [9:19 PM]:

Two bad third down calls killed the Dolphins. One on offense. One on defense.

Stephen White [9:19 PM]:

Odrick shouldve been a DT his whole career. He is perfect in there in this defense. A step to slow for DE though which is where he was initially

Rodger Sherman [9:17 PM]:

I watched him college, but I still can’t get over “Nick Toon”

Clay Wendler [9:17 PM]:

Clay Wendler [9:17 PM]:


Stephen White [9:16 PM]:

Work so hard to get to 3rd and 12 then basically give it away with a three man rush. Disgusting.

Stephen White [9:15 PM]:

Three man rush against Brees? Dummies

PFT Commenter [9:15 PM]:

he looks like a boss in a videogame hard 2 not ask questions about PED/mushroom use

Ryan Van Bibber [9:15 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [9:14 PM]:

I was seriously concerned Solilai was about to kick the ref in the chest.

Stephen White [9:08 PM]:

Good challenge

Stephen White [9:08 PM]:

Cam jordan getting closer

Mark Ennis [9:06 PM]:

Stephen White [9:04 PM]:

When the Saints get off script they haven’t looked nearly as imposing on offense so far this year. Throw out the Arizona game because it was close until late in the 2nd half

Mark Ennis [9:03 PM]:

Man Dion Jordan is skinny.

PFT Commenter [9:03 PM]:

not necessarily a great example of sportsmenship but I heard the Superdomes hosting a specal screening of ‘the Cove’ at halftime

PFT Commenter [9:00 PM]:

i call Rob and Rex “Big and Rich” trying 2 get it to catch on over here

Stephen White [9:00 PM]:

They didnt need to and shouldnt have pulled Pouncey there. Guard pulled too so nah. Sit your butt down and block the nose Holmes

Stephen White [8:58 PM]:

John Jenkins is playing lights out so far. Way better than I thought he would and I was already pretty high on him

Mark Ennis [8:58 PM]:

RG didn’t get there where Pouncey pulled.

Mark Ennis [8:57 PM]:

Rob Ryan looks like Vigo from Ghostbusters 2.

PFT Commenter [8:56 PM]:

well we no its not going to Mike Koalas in the Redzone because hed be halfway 2 bourbon street by the time tannehill got rid of the ball

Stephen White [8:56 PM]:

Cam Jordan should be making a play soon

Mark Ennis [8:55 PM]:

In fact, I think Tannehill is a lot like Teddy, but I think Teddy has a stronger arm.

Stephen White [8:55 PM]:

For me i also didn’t trust Sherman but both have proven me wrong so far

Stephen White [8:54 PM]:

@Mark Ennis raises hand same here

Mark Ennis [8:53 PM]:

I will fully admit I never thought Tannehill would be worth a damn in the NFL. I was wrong.

Clay Wendler [8:52 PM]:

Stephen White [8:51 PM]:

He didn’t slide though….

Ryan Nanni [8:51 PM]:

@sgw94 Life expectancy of old habits, etc.

Stephen White [8:50 PM]:

Dolphins are a very talented team. Not sure why so many people are still overlooking them.

Mark Ennis [8:50 PM]:

How about that move by Miller? Shook the LB to his feet

Ryan Van Bibber [8:49 PM]:


The NFL’s ‘5-tool’ players

They’re an offensive coordinator’s best friend, and a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare. Speedy, versatile players like Jamaal Charles, Darren Sproles and Golden Tate are changing the game.

Stephen White [8:47 PM]:

Smart adjustment would be to send the backside end inside to that B gap and at least make him bounce it a hole wider

Mark Ennis [8:46 PM]:

Good evening, gentlemen. All of Greg Schiano’s exes are praying he doesn’t start dishing on them, next.

PFT Commenter [8:46 PM]:

Darren Sproles is a poor mans Danny Woodhead IMO

Stephen White [8:46 PM]:

Dolphins misaligned imo. So worried about Sproles to the flat that they had nobody for backside B gap. Walked in

Ryan Nanni [8:45 PM]:

Good lord, that was a dismantling.

Clay Wendler [8:45 PM]:

Clay Wendler [8:45 PM]:

injured DC is toughing it out

Stephen White [8:44 PM]:

The first drive of the game the Saints almost always just make the other team look silly.

Stephen White [8:43 PM]:

Sproles is such a dynamic weapon, how do you match up with him? Guy can do it all

Ryan Nanni [8:42 PM]:

(deep breath) WHEEEEEEEEEL

PFT Commenter [8:42 PM]:

Darren Rovel just reported the Dolphins chartered the only non-Brazzers flight from Miami 2 New Orleanes this week

Stephen White [8:42 PM]:

I picked the Dolphins to win but that was when i thought Cam Wake was playing. Hard to make up for what he brings

PFT Commenter [8:37 PM]:

you guys think New Orleanes remembered 2 pay there light bill on time for this one?

Oh No Romo [8:36 PM]:

Oh man, Cardinals had a running back named Stump Mitchell at that time.

Ryan Nanni [8:35 PM]:

Man, MNF is managing to make the Sherman years at Texas A&M seem GOOD.

Oh No Romo [8:35 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Cardinals, not Rams

Ryan Van Bibber [8:34 PM]:

@sgw94 this is true

Ryan Van Bibber [8:33 PM]:

@Run Home Jack naturally the Rams would be involved in that

Stephen White [8:33 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber yes….one that has never gotten a single person in trouble for though it happens several times a year

Ryan Nanni [8:31 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Yes – last one was in 1983, Giants-Rams finished 20-20

Stephen White [8:31 PM]:


Stephen White [8:31 PM]:

Best thing to hapoen to the Saints so far is Mark Ingram being nicked up. Now they can feed Pierre Thomas like they should have been doing all along

Ryan Van Bibber [8:31 PM]:

isn’t releasing/reporting that prescription drug info a major privacy violation?

Oh No Romo [8:30 PM]:

Also, has a tie ever occurred on Monday Night Football?

PFT Commenter [8:30 PM]:

and if they tie its like kissing your sister which is technicly a win in Lousiana

Ryan Nanni [8:30 PM]:

Bucs really showing a great understanding of how to build value in the trade market.

Oh No Romo [8:29 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman But…what if tie?

Rodger Sherman [8:29 PM]:


Stephen White [8:29 PM]:

Can’t comment on any of that because right now Im struggling to hold in so many cuss words that if I got started yall might think I have Tourette’s

Oh No Romo [8:28 PM]:

But which song in karaoke!?

PFT Commenter [8:28 PM]:

anyhoo tonites going to be a great matchup itll be interesting 2 see if Mike Koalas remembers how to count from 1-8 on his route tree folks

PFT Commenter [8:26 PM]:

when coach Schiano said he wanted them get get out there and get there nose bloody Im not so sure Freemen missed the point

Ryan Van Bibber [8:26 PM]:

yeah, i lost track of all the leaks about Freeman now

Ryan Van Bibber [8:26 PM]:

howdy folks

Ryan Nanni [8:25 PM]:

So did the Bucs release embarrassing karaoke video of Josh Freeman yet?

Stephen White [8:25 PM]:

Good evenin folks!