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Uffsides: Eagles vs. Redskins Week 1 preview

Robert Griffin III will get the start just nine months removed from a torn ACL. He'll face off against the Eagles on Monday night in Chip Kelly's NFL debut. Should be fun game, especially if Riley Cooper goes over the middle.

Matt Ufford previews the debut of Monday football, which features the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins in a showdown in Washington, D.C., Landover, Md. After an offseason of bickering with his head coach over preseason playing time, Robert Griffin III finally gets to wheel out his surgically repaired knee, fresh off an ACL tear suffered during last season's playoff loss to the Seahawks. Linebacker Brian Orakpo is back from a torn pectoral muscle, which should help shore up what was a shaky Washington defense last season.

We'll also get to check out Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy in Chip Kelly's new fast-paced offense, which averaged 75 plays per game during the preseason. Successful or not, that should make for exciting football. Even more exciting will be watching Riley Cooper work the middle of the field, where he may receive a few friendly reminders of his racial slur video scandal over the summer.