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Uffsides: Patriots vs. Bills Week 1 preview

Do you like explosive, fiery car wrecks with no survivors? Then tune in to New England's visit to Buffalo for E.J. Manuel's first NFL start.

Matt Ufford sees the Buffalo Bills' game against the New England Patriots as a car wreck you just can't help but slow down and watch. And not just your run-of-the-mill fender bender, either. We're talking jackknifing 18-wheelers loaded with gasoline going up in explosions and columns of flame. Seriously, though, rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel will have his hands full with the seasoned Patriots defense in his first-ever NFL appearance, and Bill Belichick will certainly be thinking up something special just for him.

Not that the Patriots will necessarily be cruising through the 2013 season. Aaron Hernandez is in jail, Rob Gronkowski is still struggling back from injury and the always-reliable Wes Welker will be catching passes from a new Hall of Fame quarterback in Denver. So who does Tom Brady have to target? Danny Amendola could have a big season in his first year away from St. Louis, but the receiving list is a crapshoot after that.