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Jacoby Jones injury: Ravens WR shaken up on punt return

Jacoby Jones left Thursday's game between the Broncos and the Ravens after suffering a knee injury on a punt return ... after his own teammate tackled him.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jacoby Jones went to the locker room after getting tackled by his own teammate on a punt return during Thursday night's season opener between the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. Jones called fair catch on a punt early in the second quarter, but rookie Brynden Trawick out of Troy was unaware that Jones was in his way as he chased a gunner down the field.


Michele Tafoya called the injury a "right knee sprain" on the NBC telecast, noting that Jones walked slowly and gingerly back to the locker room after being looked at on the sideline. Jones' knee appeared to bend back awkwardly as he was hit on the play

There is no word yet whether Jones will return to the game. If Jones misses significant playing time, it would be a big blow to an offense starved for pass catchers. Jones was off to a good start against the Broncos, catching three passes for 24 yards before leaving.

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