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Eli Manning, art collector

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The Giants' quarterback has many talents, both on and off the field.

Andy Lyons

This will be Eli Manning's 10th season in the NFL. We've learned much about the man since the Ole Miss product dissed San Diego, but there's still much we don't know about the younger Manning.

For instance ...

Is he ELITE?

And what does he do with his spare time when he's not running passing camps for the youngsters or filming DirecTV commercials for the olds?

Manning does exactly what you think he would do when he's away from the game: Collect art.

From the Newark Star-Ledger:

Manning has a fine collection of works from Southern artists and is so serious about it, he even commissioned one to make a painting of an old Mississippi general store his family owns. It hangs in the living room of his Oxford, Miss., home.

"He's always had a good eye for it," that artist, William Dunlap, said over the phone this week, "and he's wise beyond his years,"

The Giants quarterback also happens to have a pretty good handle on wine, according to the article.

I'm sure Peyton Manning would enjoy those things, too, but he's probably way too busy grinding tape and working out and fighting to get onto the field to prepare for games. At least that's what NFL Films tells me, anyway.

At any rate, this news opens a new line of debate in the unending question of the younger Manning's abilities.

Eli Manning, elite or elitist?

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