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Raiders, Chargers might swap home games, per report

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The Athletics' playoff run could cause a change in the NFL schedule.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders are the only NFL team still sharing their stadium with a MLB team, and that arrangement could cause a schedule change. With the Athletics in the thick of a playoff race, the NFL is discussing the possibility of moving one of the Raiders' home games to later in the year, according to Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area.

The Raiders are currently scheduled to host the San Diego Chargers on Oct. 6, which would be during the divisional round of the baseball playoffs. Although the football game would occur on a baseball off day, there isn't enough time to convert Coliseum from baseball to football and back to baseball.

The solution may be to swap the proposed home games between San Diego and Oakland. San Diego would host Oakland on Oct. 6 and the Raiders would host the Chargers on Dec. 22 in a game which is currently scheduled to be played in San Diego. The teams are working on a switch, according to the report, but no formal decisions have been made.

The Athletics are no lock to make the postseason, but the NFL would likely work out the change well before the MLB playoff teams are decided. With game day, travel and fan accommodations needing to be set well in advance, the league could be best served making the switch now rather than waiting to see how things go.

This isn't the first time there has been a scheduling conflict between the NFL and MLB. The Baltimore Ravens were forced to open their season on the road, despite being defending Super Bowl champions, because of a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles.

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