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2014 NFL Divisional round: Live coverage and more

Join SB Nation's NFL crew for live coverage, GIFs, analysis and lots of fun for Saturday's Divisional round games in Seattle and New England.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Uy Tieu [12:07 PM]:

Whattttt the FFFffff!

Ryan Van Bibber [11:38 PM]:

thanks for coming out tonight!

Ryan Van Bibber [11:37 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [11:37 PM]:

Brackets, recaps & lots more in our playoff app

Cyd Zeigler [11:34 PM]:

Deion is making every Blunt crack he can get in now on NFLN

NBSP [11:29 PM]:

@Nabae Asfar 24th ranked defense in terms of points allowed… That’s the most important stat. The Pats have a pretty good passing game, BTW

Stephen White [11:26 PM]:

That was a bad throw. Period.

Nabae Asfar [11:26 PM]:

Broncos have the 9th ranked rush defense FYI for whoever said Broncos dont have a D

Stephen White [11:26 PM]:

Appropriate ending

Stephen White [11:23 PM]:

Rogers drops another one

Stephen White [11:22 PM]:

Man the right defensive end got held bad

Stephen White [11:20 PM]:

unxknownxorigin [11:19 PM]:

Luck still thinks 1st downs stop the clock

Stephen White [11:18 PM]:

Man Luck got blasted

eightyseven [11:17 PM]:

@NBSP To be fair, they’re probably not gonna get their money’s worth staying ’til the end of a killing.

NBSP [11:17 PM]:

@HooverFish The PPG stat is more telling for me. The Pats are not usually a power football team

Joe McAtee [11:16 PM]:

NBSP [11:15 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler I have, but man, those playoff tickets are expensive. I’d want to stay and get my money’s worth

Stephen White [11:15 PM]:

I was sure they would go for a FG. Punt is the safer play though

NBSP [11:15 PM]:

Dan Dierdorf’s collected witticisms would break all sorts of sales records

HooverFish [11:14 PM]: No, I don’t believe they’ll have this much luck against any of the other teams in the playoffs

Cyd Zeigler [11:14 PM]:

@NBSP have you tried to drive out of Foxboro Stadium? You’d leave early too.

NBSP [11:13 PM]:

EMPTY SEATS? Colts fans?

Cyd Zeigler [11:13 PM]:

That’s why you bring in Mallett – one bad play and Brady injures his shoulder.

eightyseven [11:13 PM]:

nothing screams profesh like waterproofing equipment with garbage bags, cbs

Stephen White [11:13 PM]:

Mathis with a strip sack. Too little too late

Clay Wendler [11:12 PM]:

im really hoping someone gives dan dierdorf a pie in the face

NBSP [11:12 PM]:

@unxknownxorigin Broncos don’t have much of a D, Chargers are another matter

Ryan Van Bibber [11:12 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler heh

Cyd Zeigler [11:12 PM]:

Why on earth don’t they bring in Mallett?

Stephen White [11:12 PM]:

Joe McAtee [11:12 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber yeah, but they did a great job on Stacy. Of course the Colts only rushed for 18 yards that day, 17 of them from Luck…

Cyd Zeigler [11:11 PM]:

I would have thought you’d go with a full moon crack. ;-)

Ryan Van Bibber [11:10 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler he sheds his skin every spring

Joe McAtee [11:10 PM]:

More like LeGarrote Blount, amirite?! #1stcenturytorturehumor

eightyseven [11:10 PM]:

Ridley channeling his inner #beastmode

Ryan Van Bibber [11:10 PM]:

@3k well, the Colts D obviously has some problems handling the run, so

Stephen White [11:10 PM]:

This is demoralizing

eightyseven [11:10 PM]:


unxknownxorigin [11:10 PM]:

the only thing im concerned with the Pats is can they run like this againsgt a team with a defense?

Stephen White [11:09 PM]:

Blount is not messing around

Cyd Zeigler [11:08 PM]:

When did Belichick make a wardrobe change?

Joe McAtee [11:07 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber the Rams are the weirdest.

eightyseven [11:07 PM]:

Stephen White [11:06 PM]:

Sneak this

Ryan Van Bibber [11:06 PM]:

@3k Rams Super Bowl champs by transitive property!

Joe McAtee [11:06 PM]:

Reminder – the Rams beat the Colts 38-8…

Stephen White [11:06 PM]:

Mathis had that one series when he was balling but has been quiet most of the game.

SoupSoup [11:05 PM]:

I hope CBS holds a Viking funeral for Dierdorf at the end of tonight’s program

Stephen White [11:05 PM]:

@NBSP one of those three carries on early downs was during two minute drill before halftime.

NBSP [11:04 PM]:

@HooverFish His first year numbers were good for a rookie, I wanted to see some improvement. Started to see that this year

Ryan Nanni [11:03 PM]:

@HooverFish Cameron? Did a helluva job at LSU, I agree.

HooverFish [11:03 PM]:

how did last year throw you off? his numbers were almost identical to his first year

Stephen White [11:02 PM]:

Colts couldnt have a three and out there, but they did

NBSP [11:02 PM]:

@HooverFish Last year threw me off, but yeah, Cam too. And Foles. Definitely Foles.

HooverFish [11:01 PM]:

Jesus… has EVERYBODY forgotten about Cam?

NBSP [10:59 PM]:

@Nabae Asfar Definitely. I’m really excited to see him, Wilson, Kaepernick, and a (healthy) RGIII light it up for years to come

Nabae Asfar [10:59 PM]:

@NBSP ok so we are pretty much on teh same page then

unxknownxorigin [10:58 PM]:

ref sounds depressed

Cyd Zeigler [10:58 PM]:

8 conference title games in 13 years. That’s crazy.

Nabae Asfar [10:58 PM]:

he hasn’t been perfect, but you can’t ignore all the big time throws hes made. he’s still learning, he’s a kid…2nd year in the NFL. he’ll get there soon enough. I’d say its been a fantastic first two years for the kid

HooverFish [10:56 PM]:

Luck didn’t go full ginger today… but he got close

NBSP [10:56 PM]:

@Nabae Asfar Oh, I don’t mean to dump on him. I just feel like the hype train is coming along too soon. Right now he’s a good QB and still developing. He very well could become elite. But he is not top 10 right now.

Stephen White [10:55 PM]:

Luck with 6 picks in the last two games. Can’t yadda yadda yadda that. Those picks led to points

NBSP [10:55 PM]:

@sgw94 Yes, I’m checking the statline now: Vereen rushed on 1st and 10, 3rd and 3, 2nd and 9, 3rd and 3, and 2nd and 5…

Stephen White [10:54 PM]:

Goodnight, Colts

Nabae Asfar [10:54 PM]:

@NBSP it’s his 2nd year in the NFL…it’s his 2nd year in the playoffs..he’s a very very very good QB soon to be elite

eightyseven [10:54 PM]:

I hate injury slow-mo so much.

Ryan Nanni [10:53 PM]:

I think it’s horrible how Andrew Luck let the Patriots run for almost 200 yards.

Stephen White [10:53 PM]:

Ouch that looks painful

Stephen White [10:53 PM]:

@NBSP on early downs? No…

NBSP [10:52 PM]:

@sgw94 Specifically, he has 5 rushes for 17 yards today

eightyseven [10:52 PM]:

Bethea has gloves on too…

Stephen White [10:52 PM]:

Wheres Blount?

NBSP [10:51 PM]:

@sgw94 Um, except he has a bunch of rushes in this game…

Stephen White [10:51 PM]:

Bethea you gotta make that play

Stephen White [10:51 PM]:

If Vereen is in the game teams know its a pass. So why put him in on early downs unless you run it?!

NBSP [10:50 PM]:

Andrew Luck: 2 TDs, 3 INTs. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he is truly an elite quarterback

eightyseven [10:50 PM]:


Stephen White [10:50 PM]:

We gonna talk about luck’s interceptions or nah?

unxknownxorigin [10:49 PM]:


HooverFish [10:49 PM]:


Stephen White [10:49 PM]:

Collins player of the game hands down

Stephen White [10:49 PM]:

That’l hurt the Colts chances

Ryan Nanni [10:49 PM]:

LaRon Landry clearly just needs to hit the gym more.

eightyseven [10:49 PM]:

Clay Wendler [10:49 PM]:

unxknownxorigin [10:48 PM]:

can we get a GIF of that run?

Stephen White [10:47 PM]:

NBSP [10:46 PM]:

Don’t take Blount lightly. He will punch you in the mouth <img src=“”" src=“”/>">

eightyseven [10:45 PM]:

smoking dem blounts

HooverFish [10:45 PM]:

when it comes to tripping and/or leg whipping… the Pats are masters at it and getting away with it, Charles Johnson will let you know that first hand

unxknownxorigin [10:45 PM]:

at least i get 1 of my picks right today

Stephen White [10:45 PM]:

Another guy who just wasn’t a Buccaneer man

Clay Wendler [10:45 PM]:


Clay Wendler [10:45 PM]:

Nabae Asfar [10:45 PM]:


eightyseven [10:45 PM]:

look out

unxknownxorigin [10:44 PM]:

pew pew

Stephen White [10:44 PM]:


NBSP [10:44 PM]:

Tripping in football is terrible. Instead, be sure to plant your opponent’s head directly into the ground. This ensures a definitive end to a play.

Oh No Romo [10:42 PM]:

@Clay Wendler It makes sense if you think of the Colts offense as a musket.

Stephen White [10:41 PM]:

Pass rush was close again

Stephen White [10:41 PM]:


Stephen White [10:41 PM]:

Tripping is illegale brw

Clay Wendler [10:39 PM]:

unxknownxorigin [10:38 PM]:

@Clay Wendler thats amazing

Stephen White [10:37 PM]:

holds up 4 fingers

Clay Wendler [10:37 PM]:

unxknownxorigin [10:36 PM]:

is Blount still considered the poor mans Marshawn Lynch?

eightyseven [10:35 PM]:


NBSP [10:35 PM]:

Great tackle

Stephen White [10:35 PM]:

Hell QB sneak it

Stephen White [10:35 PM]:

Stupid is as stupid does and that was stupid. Give it to Ridley or Blount

Nabae Asfar [10:34 PM]:

go for it?

Ryan Nanni [10:34 PM]:

Not a very generous mark, but I’m not sure he made it anyways.

Stephen White [10:33 PM]:

Head into the turf

NBSP [10:32 PM]:

Julian Edelman: Professional Ballet Dancer

Stephen White [10:31 PM]:

Id say thats a PI

Stephen White [10:31 PM]:


Stephen White [10:31 PM]:

Whalen hirt

Nabae Asfar [10:30 PM]:

Dierdorf just say cunt by accident? trying to say “cut”

eightyseven [10:30 PM]:


Stephen White [10:30 PM]:

Collins is having himself a game

Clay Wendler [10:30 PM]:

NBSP [10:30 PM]:


Stephen White [10:28 PM]:

Nice three and out by the Colts defense finally

unxknownxorigin [10:26 PM]:

dont count out touchdown andrew?

Ryan Nanni [10:26 PM]:


Clay Wendler [10:24 PM]:

James Dator [10:23 PM]:

Goodness that receiving corps will be deadly with a little time. They’re already solid

Ryan Nanni [10:23 PM]:

Tearin’ up seams like Rick Ross in a changing room.

Nabae Asfar [10:23 PM]:


Stephen White [10:23 PM]:

And Brazil for the TD deep down the middle

Brendan Porath [10:23 PM]:

god damn

eightyseven [10:23 PM]:


Stephen White [10:22 PM]:

Jimminy Christmas. Tell me that doesnt look like Marvin Harrison

Clay Wendler [10:22 PM]:

good lord andrew

eightyseven [10:22 PM]:

he caught it wtf

Nabae Asfar [10:22 PM]:


Stephen White [10:22 PM]:

Just run Richardson. Stop all that damn dancing behind the line

Cyd Zeigler [10:22 PM]:

Two teams used first-round picks on that guy. Bwahahaha.

Cyd Zeigler [10:21 PM]:

Right now, you can hit a guy all you want after a scoring play – has no consequence.

Cyd Zeigler [10:20 PM]:

It would still be applied after the kickoff — either the PAT or the next ensuing kickoff.

NBSP [10:19 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler problem with that: what if they score a return TD?

Ryan Van Bibber [10:19 PM]:

3rd 6:18
Beard-O 15
New England’s running backs 29

Cyd Zeigler [10:19 PM]:

Crappy thing about these post-score penalties is they’re virtually meaningless. should apply it after the kickoff.

eightyseven [10:18 PM]:

@Clay Wendler doing good work

James Dator [10:18 PM]:


Clay Wendler [10:17 PM]:

Clay Wendler [10:17 PM]:

i lol’d

Clay Wendler [10:17 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [10:16 PM]:

@sgw94 always a good reminder that it’s wise to watch oneself, regardless of how quickly one is shaking it

eightyseven [10:16 PM]:

Two men in stripes Butler don’t give a f

Ryan Nanni [10:16 PM]:

I bet you could use Andrew Luck’s beard to clean an oven.

Stephen White [10:16 PM]:

Butler that was DUMB

Stephen White [10:15 PM]:

Mystikal at Foxboro. That tickles me so lol

NBSP [10:15 PM]:

That’s playing the numbers

Stephen White [10:15 PM]:


eightyseven [10:14 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [10:14 PM]:

no holder, gotta go for two

James Dator [10:14 PM]:

Never count out Field Goal Fluck

Stephen White [10:14 PM]:

Not sure Luck has enough magic left

Ryan Nanni [10:14 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler Because they only needed two GREATRIOTS

eightyseven [10:14 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [10:13 PM]:

why on earth they didn’t run three times with Blount down here is beyond me…

Stephen White [10:12 PM]:

Vereen looked open to the flat right after the snap

NBSP [10:12 PM]:

@Run Home Jack he’s the Vlade Divac of football

Cyd Zeigler [10:12 PM]:

another great call by McDaniels

Ryan Nanni [10:11 PM]:


eightyseven [10:11 PM]:


Stephen White [10:11 PM]:

Never looked back

Stephen White [10:11 PM]:


Clay Wendler [10:11 PM]:

NBSP [10:11 PM]:

That was the best incomplete pass I’ve seen in awhile

Stephen White [10:11 PM]:

Mathis just went straight speed then

Stephen White [10:10 PM]:

Left guard tripped whilst pulling to the right side

Ryan Van Bibber [10:10 PM]:

looked like a bit of hold there

eightyseven [10:09 PM]:

Dem red gloves

Stephen White [10:09 PM]:

Defensive tackle got pinned inside

NBSP [10:09 PM]:

@Run Home Jack follow in the footsteps of Romero Crennel

Cyd Zeigler [10:08 PM]:

Three big misses on passes to Vereen

Ryan Nanni [10:08 PM]:

Go get that Browns job, Josh McDaniels!

Cyd Zeigler [10:08 PM]:

what a great call – set that one up for the first 35 mins

James Dator [10:08 PM]:

Not sure who Darius Butler was covering there

Ryan Van Bibber [10:07 PM]:

eightyseven [10:07 PM]:

what a run

Oh No Romo [10:07 PM]:

Red rain?

Ryan Van Bibber [10:06 PM]:


Joe McAtee [10:06 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Just like Sam! …

Ryan Van Bibber [10:06 PM]:

Brendan Porath [10:03 PM]:

Dan Dierdorf calling that a simple jump ball kinda underplays the huge chuck to the midsection Fleener took

Stephen White [10:02 PM]:

Pep Hamilton is really good at attacking specific defensive players.

Clay Wendler [10:01 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [10:01 PM]:

@James Dator satan with a rain baggy on his mic

Ryan Van Bibber [10:01 PM]:

why in the hell are they giving the ball to Richardson?

Mark Sandritter [10:01 PM]:

At least Richardson didn’t fumble.

Cyd Zeigler [10:00 PM]:

of all the calls to make, giving the ball to Richardson has to be the worst.

Ryan Nanni [10:00 PM]:

@James Dator Charlie Brown’s teacher.

James Dator [10:00 PM]:

I wonder what Belichick sounds like through that rain-baggy on his mic

Stephen White [10:00 PM]:

Give Luck a run pass option

Nabae Asfar [9:59 PM]:

wow what a catch

Stephen White [9:59 PM]:

Here we go again

Ryan Nanni [9:59 PM]:


Stephen White [9:58 PM]:

Luck out here like Big Ben, pats better square him up

Stephen White [9:56 PM]:

Vereen looked like he was held but i didnt see it

Rodger Sherman [9:56 PM]:

The Pats’ holder is injured, so the only answer is for Doug Flutie to come in and nail some dropkicks

Stephen White [9:55 PM]:

I dunno Dan, maybe week 17 when Blount ran for almost 200 yds?

James Dator [9:50 PM]:

@Clay Wendler There’s too much going on!

Rodger Sherman [9:49 PM]:

Touchdown Tom 21
Aouchdown Andrew 12

Clay Wendler [9:48 PM]:

James Dator [9:47 PM]:

New Year’s resolution: Learn to wear a bow tie like Shannon Sharpe

Ryan Van Bibber [9:41 PM]:

Dierdorf is pretty much the only player from the St. Louis Cardinals I can remember … thanks for the memories Bidwills

Stephen White [9:40 PM]:


James Dator [9:40 PM]:


Dan Dierdorf doesn’t like safeties

There are lots of opinions on an unexpected play, this is the wrong one.

Stephen White [9:40 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [9:39 PM]:

@sgw94 his finest work

Nabae Asfar [9:39 PM]:

looks like they found their new punter

Stephen White [9:39 PM]:

Slater does not quit

Stephen White [9:38 PM]:

Vereen hast to catch that

Stephen White [9:38 PM]:

Yeah take a shot up 9 in the rain. Dierdorf is going out in a blaze…yeah just a blaze

NBSP [9:38 PM]:

Dierdorf, I respectfully decline to listen to your strategic commentary

Ryan Van Bibber [9:38 PM]:

2nd 0:56
Ponies 12
The Patriot Way 21

Rodger Sherman [9:37 PM]:

@NBSP yeah. eventually they stopped trying to punt.

Stephen White [9:37 PM]:

Quick whistle?

Rodger Sherman [9:37 PM]:

aiken is the long snapper. i’m dumb

Stephen White [9:37 PM]:

Its a passing league guys, remember that

NBSP [9:36 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman wasn’t there a Raiders game where their long snapper got injured and they had like 3 fumbled punt attempts?

Rodger Sherman [9:36 PM]:

i just got hype for nothing — allen is the punter

Ryan Van Bibber [9:36 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [9:35 PM]:

oakland basically lost a game due to long snapper injury last season. not a lot of teams have anybody else on the 53-man roster who can step in

Rodger Sherman [9:35 PM]:

Long-held opinion of mine: teams with long snapper injuries are SCREWED

Rodger Sherman [9:35 PM]:

that’s the long-snapper

Ryan Nanni [9:35 PM]:

I think the real answer is to only hire 16 foot tall punters so you can’t snap it over them.

Rodger Sherman [9:35 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [9:34 PM]:

yeah agreed. i’m not saying he’s right, but I understand his thinking, even if he had to make it up in the commercial break.

Stephen White [9:33 PM]:


Nabae Asfar [9:33 PM]:


NBSP [9:33 PM]:


Stephen White [9:32 PM]:


Stephen White [9:32 PM]:

Theyre festuring the fullback today?

Stephen White [9:31 PM]:

Helluva catch by Hilton

Rodger Sherman [9:31 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler but the odds of holding to a field goal are pretty small.

Stephen White [9:31 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler yeah but youre in much better position with a punt after safety to stop them from scoring again.

Cyd Zeigler [9:29 PM]:

well, if you hold to a FG, they don’t still have the ball. Safety is 2 + the ball

Stephen White [9:28 PM]:

Same two, somebody gotta call for it. Why in hell is Luck throwing that though?

NBSP [9:27 PM]:

Note to Dierdorf: 3 > 2

Ryan Nanni [9:26 PM]:


NBSP [9:25 PM]:

@Clay Wendler I think in their worst nightmare they’re not wearing any pants

Nabae Asfar [9:25 PM]:

someone tell Dan that allowing 2 points is better than allowing 7 or 3 best case scenario

NBSP [9:25 PM]:

Get tackled at your own 2 yard line?!?! That is just unbelievably stupid. Scoring percentage has to be in the high 90s

Ryan Van Bibber [9:25 PM]:

Did Dierdorf forget the rules?

Clay Wendler [9:25 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [9:24 PM]:

Well, it was a good idea – just didn’t actually throw it forward. Ha.

Rodger Sherman [9:24 PM]:

how does dierdorf not get that a safety there is much better than giving the ball up on the two?

Ryan Van Bibber [9:24 PM]:

playoff safety … YES!

Ryan Nanni [9:24 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [9:23 PM]:

that could have been a terrible call by the punter, but it worked out okay

Stephen White [9:23 PM]:

Hey man, STFU. Safety is best possible outcome after bad snap. Otherwise Colts prolly get a TD after getting the ball at the one. Can’t wait for new blood in the booth

Rodger Sherman [9:23 PM]:

worst case scenario its a safety, which is better than giving them the ball on the two-yard line

Cyd Zeigler [9:23 PM]:

Yes Dan, it’s an incomplete pass

Rodger Sherman [9:23 PM]:

could save them a bunch of yards

Rodger Sherman [9:23 PM]:

i’m not sure why everybody’s saying it was a bad idea to throw it forward

Cyd Zeigler [9:23 PM]:

Ball should go back to original LOS

Cyd Zeigler [9:23 PM]:

incomplete forward pass?

Mark Sandritter [9:22 PM]:

Marques Colston approves of that lateral attempt.

Stephen White [9:22 PM]:

Dude kick it out of the endzone in that situation

James Dator [9:22 PM]:

Ready for this?

Oh No Romo [9:22 PM]:

What the….

NBSP [9:22 PM]:


Stephen White [9:22 PM]:


Stephen White [9:21 PM]:

Its 4th and 2 not 1

James Dator [9:21 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber someone

Stephen White [9:21 PM]:

Finally get a stop. Not sure why they didnt run him straight ahead. QB sneak here

James Dator [9:20 PM]:

Yep! It was Curtis Martin in 1997 against the Steelers.

Stephen White [9:20 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber well considering we were starting a RB that wasnt even on the roster to begin the season for the last 8 games? Im going with the former

Ryan Van Bibber [9:20 PM]:

ahhh, someone just said “he’s running like a BLUNT instrument” nooooooo

Cyd Zeigler [9:19 PM]:

Curtis Martin?

Nabae Asfar [9:19 PM]:

curtis martin

Ryan Van Bibber [9:19 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Blame Schiano is a default setting

NBSP [9:19 PM]:

@James Dator no idea then

Stephen White [9:18 PM]:

Theyre really not going to play the run today, huh?

James Dator [9:18 PM]:

@NBSP Nope. Hint: It happened before 2000

Ryan Nanni [9:18 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Yes.

NBSP [9:17 PM]:

@James Dator Foulk?

James Dator [9:17 PM]:

LeGarrette Blount’s three rushing touchdowns matches a Patriots’ playoff record. Any guesses who he matched?

NBSP [9:17 PM]:

@sgw94 Andrew Luck doesn’t need defense

Ryan Van Bibber [9:16 PM]:

Did Schiano run off Blount or did they just not need him?

Stephen White [9:15 PM]:

Colts defense has to make a play sooner rather than later. Another Pats TD before the half could be a back breaker

James Dator [9:14 PM]:


LeGarrette Blount makes early impact

Patriots running back LaGarrette Blount is making his presence known in the first half.

Stephen White [9:12 PM]:

Maybe just banged a funny bone

Stephen White [9:12 PM]:

Good play by Gregory. Makes more plays than you think. Hilton holding his hand or wrist. Bad news

Stephen White [9:11 PM]:

Hightower the last man standing from the LB corps. Spikes and Mayo out

Nabae Asfar [9:11 PM]:

remember when people thought RGIII was better than Luck? lol

Stephen White [9:10 PM]:

Nobody gonna cover the short middle?

Stephen White [9:10 PM]:

Jones ran right over the LT. Gotta escape though

Stephen White [9:08 PM]:

Colts don’t look flustered though

Stephen White [9:07 PM]:

Nope illegal contact.

Stephen White [9:07 PM]:


Rodger Sherman [9:06 PM]:

LeGarrette Blount TD’s today 3
Touchdowns by Tampa Bay RB’s this season 6

Clay Wendler [9:06 PM]:

i really hope legarrette blount doesn’t break a TD record set by someone goood

Stephen White [9:05 PM]:

Uhm….any fantasy leagues still going on?

Clay Wendler [9:05 PM]:

Nabae Asfar [9:04 PM]:

Blount with 3 TD’s in a playoff game…file that under “things I thought I’d never see”

Ryan Van Bibber [9:02 PM]:

well, only three touchdowns for Blount so far

Stephen White [9:02 PM]:

Who wouldve predicted Blount would have three touchdowns…in the first half?!

NBSP [9:02 PM]:

The Patriots run game may be a four-headed monster, but their receiving corps is a headless horseman

Stephen White [9:02 PM]:

Vereen moves the sticks almost getting to the endzone on that run

Stephen White [9:01 PM]:

Too,easy to turn around and keep handing it off. Colts better get right and fast

James Dator [9:00 PM]:

Edelman is a shoe-in for “lunchpail fella of the week” at this rate

Nabae Asfar [9:00 PM]:

Edelman is a pest

Ryan Nanni [8:58 PM]:

Julian Edelman’s Dollar Store Beast Mode.

James Dator [8:58 PM]:

Tackling is overrated

Stephen White [8:58 PM]:

Wes Welker light getting loose.

Oh No Romo [8:58 PM]:

@James Dator Nah, I’m good. Thanks though!

Stephen White [8:58 PM]:

So hard just to get Blount on the ground

James Dator [8:56 PM]:

You have 5 minutes in case being followed by Frank Caliendo is your heart’s desire!

Stephen White [8:55 PM]:


Stephen White [8:54 PM]:

I understand Ridley getting another shot but i probably wouldve stayed with Blount

Ryan Van Bibber [8:52 PM]:

getting some connection errors. be patient. we’re working on them

Stephen White [8:49 PM]:

Damn DaRick is getting the opportunities I thought he would but not making the catches

Clay Wendler [8:49 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [8:47 PM]:

@James Dator He played “B,” which I assume means “Brigadier.”

Stephen White [8:46 PM]:

Not actually all that close

James Dator [8:46 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Well played. I’m still leaning on Jack Shapiro. That size is fancy

Clay Wendler [8:46 PM]:

that dance was fancy

Stephen White [8:46 PM]:

Walden confuses me so. Can look dominant at times but then just as easily dissappear

Ryan Nanni [8:45 PM]:

@James Dator

Stephen White [8:44 PM]:

Good rush by Left DT

James Dator [8:43 PM]:

Who’s the fanciest player in the NFL?

James Dator [8:43 PM]:

Clay Wendler [8:43 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [8:41 PM]:

1st 4:35

Nabae Asfar [8:41 PM]:

Andrew Luck – We are all witnesses

Stephen White [8:41 PM]:


Stephen White [8:40 PM]:

Got em coach

James Dator [8:40 PM]:

Patriots were all over the place pre-snap

Ryan Nanni [8:40 PM]:


Stephen White [8:40 PM]:

Jones with more pressure but complete to Whalen for a nice gain

Stephen White [8:39 PM]:

DaRick with a drop. Gotta catch those

Stephen White [8:38 PM]:

Jones stuck in a failed spin move then and Luck moves the chains on 3rd and 2 with a completion

Stephen White [8:37 PM]:

Jones making Luck step up caused that

Stephen White [8:37 PM]:

Pressure again

eightyseven [8:35 PM]:

my boysssss

Ryan Van Bibber [8:33 PM]:

I bet watching the Patriots use the power run has Pep Hamilton all kinds of confused

Stephen White [8:33 PM]:

Blount with two TDs already. Colts go home, you’re drunk

James Dator [8:32 PM]:

Goodness he thread that one

Stephen White [8:31 PM]:

Man did Brady split the eye of a needle just then

Ryan Nanni [8:31 PM]:

(remembers Alex Smith threw for 378/4 TDs on the Colts) Oh, well, yeah.

Stephen White [8:31 PM]:

Vereen is the guy to pick up the slack from Gronk in the passing game

Stephen White [8:31 PM]:

Nice head slap by Walden

Ryan Van Bibber [8:30 PM]:

James Dator [8:30 PM]:

Interesting to see how the Colts will try to stop these crossing routes. Not many from KC last week

Stephen White [8:30 PM]:

Better cover those crossing routes or they will run them allllllll game

Ryan Nanni [8:29 PM]:

Tom Brady is positively McCarronriffic tonight.

Stephen White [8:28 PM]:

Timing of that power play was off. Blount got to the hole before blockers

Stephen White [8:24 PM]:

Looks like Talib is following Hilton. Smart

the Glenn [8:24 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber I’ve been spitting while I talk all day in his honor.

Stephen White [8:23 PM]:

We dont talk about Chandler Jones nearly enough

Ryan Van Bibber [8:23 PM]:

This is Dan Dierdorf’s last game

Ryan Van Bibber [8:22 PM]:

1st 13:41
Colts 0
Touchdown Tom 7

Clay Wendler [8:21 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [8:19 PM]:

The whole up-tempo thing is a big mistake for the Colts, even if they’ve done it most of the season. You do that when you’re the better team, not a road dog.

Stephen White [8:18 PM]:

Blount with a playoff TD. Good for him too

Stephen White [8:18 PM]:

Dennard was in position the whole time

Dimitri Dorlis [8:17 PM]:

And that started out well

Stephen White [8:17 PM]:

Luck….you cant do that mannnnn

Dimitri Dorlis [8:17 PM]:


Clay Wendler [8:16 PM]:


Stephen White [8:16 PM]:

Here we go part deux. Donald Brown and Da’Rick Rogers could have huge games

derp ferguson [8:11 PM]:

@Oh No Romo certainly concentrated in the 4th quarter, but maybe none at all if it’s a Pats blowout

Oh No Romo [8:08 PM]:

@derp ferguson Most of the game?

derp ferguson [8:06 PM]:

@Oh No Romo wouldn’t bet against it

Oh No Romo [8:04 PM]:

So…are we going to make Touchdown Tom references the entire game?

Cheese Pudding [7:59 PM]:

Is #49 even wronger than Colston?

Ryan Nanni [7:59 PM]:

I can’t wait for Andrew Luck’s beard to get long enough to braid.

Clay Wendler [7:46 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [7:45 PM]:

More like Marques LOLston. Amirite?!

Stephen White [7:44 PM]:


derp ferguson [7:43 PM]:

@Clay Wendler GOTW

Stephen White [7:43 PM]:

Run off for penalty?

Stephen White [7:43 PM]:

Forward pass, end of the game?

Stephen White [7:43 PM]:

From his right

Stephen White [7:43 PM]:

Gotta rush Brees Left

Stephen White [7:43 PM]:

Well damn.

Ryan Van Bibber [7:42 PM]:

/puts away the fork

Clay Wendler [7:40 PM]:

Stephen White [7:39 PM]:

Who has the best hands?

Stephen White [7:38 PM]:

What was Thomas doing?!

Stephen White [7:38 PM]:

Uh oh. I mean…nahhhhh, right?

Stephen White [7:37 PM]:

OPI. This one looks to be just about over officially

Stephen White [7:35 PM]:

Friendly fire

Ryan Van Bibber [7:35 PM]:

lotta ball game lef… ah, forget it

Stephen White [7:34 PM]:

Brees just marching em down.

Stephen White [7:33 PM]:

Saints are still going to go for the endzone, Seahawks better not relax

Stephen White [7:33 PM]:


Clay Wendler [7:32 PM]:

Clay Wendler [7:30 PM]:

Clay Wendler [7:29 PM]:

Cheese Pudding [7:28 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [7:27 PM]:

Bust out the fork

Stephen White [7:27 PM]:

Go home Rob Ryan, you’re drunk.

Mark Sandritter [7:27 PM]:

Beast Mode

Stephen White [7:27 PM]:


Clay Wendler [7:26 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [7:26 PM]:

Watch the playcalling by Seattle today then remember Darrell Bevell is a “hot” head coaching candidate.

Ryan Van Bibber [7:24 PM]:

looks good to me

Mark Sandritter [7:24 PM]:

Ball secure, knee down. Catch

Stephen White [7:24 PM]:

I dont think you can overturn but ball does move a lil imo

Stephen White [7:23 PM]:

Helluva catch but clock stops again. Now run the damn ball

Stephen White [7:22 PM]:

Shouldve given it to him on first down

Stephen White [7:22 PM]:

That kid is special lmaooo

Stephen White [7:21 PM]:

Take the damn sack Wilson

Stephen White [7:21 PM]:


Woody Meyer [7:21 PM]:

@JohnnyGentle Breesus hath forsaken the masses

JohnnyGentle [7:20 PM]:


Stephen White [7:20 PM]:

And….he missed. Brees might not touch the field again

Mark Sandritter [7:20 PM]:

Saints screen game vs. Seahawks slants. So much futility.

Ryan Van Bibber [7:20 PM]:


Stephen White [7:20 PM]:

4th and 15 gotta kick and maybe onside

Clay Wendler [7:20 PM]:

Stephen White [7:19 PM]:

Im hitting my head against the wall with these screen calls

Ryan Van Bibber [7:19 PM]:

woah, look at that wind

Stephen White [7:17 PM]:

12th Man

Clay Wendler [7:17 PM]:

Stephen White [7:17 PM]:


Stephen White [7:17 PM]:

Baennett got dragged down by the RT that time. Nice bullrush going

JohnnyGentle [7:16 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [7:16 PM]:


Cyd Zeigler [7:16 PM]:

Assist by the rain

Stephen White [7:16 PM]:

Went from facing 2nd and 20 to 1st and 10 and a chunk play

Ryan Van Bibber [7:16 PM]:


Stephen White [7:15 PM]:

Then that happens…

James Dator [7:15 PM]:


Stephen White [7:15 PM]:

Either way man the Saints got lucky

Stephen White [7:15 PM]:

Its not holding behind the line I thought.

Stephen White [7:14 PM]:

Another screen smh

Stephen White [7:14 PM]:

Ouch, big holding call there

Stephen White [7:12 PM]:

Another slant incomplete. Why not read option there on 3rd and 2?!

Stephen White [7:12 PM]:

Better get this stop

Brendan Porath [7:11 PM]:

ohn Lynch “has a man-crush” on Earl Thomas “because I like great football players and this is a great football player”

Mark Sandritter [7:11 PM]:

Earl Thomas is going to get paid this offseason. They should start loading the Brinks truck now.

Clay Wendler [7:10 PM]:

James Dator [7:09 PM]:

The best plays are the ones you can’t really say anything about except say the player’s name, possible in caps

Ryan Van Bibber [7:08 PM]:

hot damn

Stephen White [7:07 PM]:

Earl Thomas

James Dator [7:07 PM]:


Stephen White [7:07 PM]:

Can anybody on the Saints OL pass block? Dont they have some pro bowlers inside?

Brendan Porath [7:07 PM]:

Stephen, you notice more/closer holding calls this game? Know you said they let em play all last week

Stephen White [7:06 PM]:

As ridiculous as it is to rush Brees with three its still amazing that the Seahawks are getting pressure with it

jpoundr [7:06 PM]:

that’s a huge penalty

Stephen White [7:06 PM]:

Brang it back

Stephen White [7:05 PM]:

Missed opportunity by Seahawks DL

Stephen White [7:01 PM]:

Another screen ___

Stephen White [6:59 PM]:

He was open on a deep in route after clearing the LB then went up the middle after Wilson scrambled. Safety was trailing

Stephen White [6:58 PM]:

O M G Kearse was open for a TD

Stephen White [6:57 PM]:

Had he taken off earlier thats a first down smh

Brendan Porath [6:57 PM]:

Almost called it Stephen, almost.

Mark Sandritter [6:57 PM]:

Doug Baldwin was WIDE open

Clay Wendler [6:56 PM]:

Stephen White [6:55 PM]:

Move those sticks. At some point Wilson has to make something happen with his legs to move the chains too

Stephen White [6:54 PM]:

Big dummy

Mark Sandritter [6:53 PM]:

@unxknownxorigin Nope, he didn’t stick the landing.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:53 PM]:

With both Seattle coordinators in the mix for HC jobs, wonder if that’s a distraction

unxknownxorigin [6:53 PM]:

that flips coutns for points right?

unxknownxorigin [6:51 PM]:

i called the FSU Auburn return i think i may get this one

unxknownxorigin [6:51 PM]:

saints kicking it into the wind = kick 6 for the Seahawks

Ryan Van Bibber [6:50 PM]:

4th 13:11
Fish mongers 16

Stephen White [6:50 PM]:

Robinson in for the TD. Saints had to have that

jpoundr [6:50 PM]:

The shutout made us forget that the Seahawks offense has been terrible as well

Stephen White [6:50 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Parcells evidently called Payton and told him Robinson = Curtis Martin and told him to play him

Ryan Van Bibber [6:49 PM]:

@jpoundr they’d have to, but moot point now

Stephen White [6:49 PM]:

Gotta get a TD here

jpoundr [6:49 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber they will go for it, I think

Ryan Van Bibber [6:48 PM]:

think Seattle holds them to 3 here?

Ryan Van Bibber [6:46 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [6:45 PM]:

@sgw94 what happened?

Stephen White [6:45 PM]:

Imagine losing carries because your head coach’s mentor called and told him to play your backup lol Dead. Wrong.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:44 PM]:

aw, getting some play action going now

jpoundr [6:44 PM]:

Amazing what happens when Brees gets time

Stephen White [6:44 PM]:

Pushing the ball down the field now. Still have to run tho

Stephen White [6:43 PM]:

Niiiice corner route to 89

Stephen White [6:43 PM]:

Mark Ingram has to hate Parcells today btw

Stephen White [6:39 PM]:

All slants everything today smh

Clay Wendler [6:38 PM]:

Stephen White [6:38 PM]:

Wilson is gonna pull one of those soon.

Stephen White [6:38 PM]:

Sure did look like Moore was open down the middle

Ryan Van Bibber [6:36 PM]:

he’s had at least two batted down today

Ryan Van Bibber [6:36 PM]:

Brees had a total of six passes batted down ALL SEASON

Rodger Sherman [6:35 PM]:

love the call to go for it. Saints just can’t do any offense

Stephen White [6:35 PM]:

Turnover on downs. They cant even block a rollout now smh

JohnnyGentle [6:35 PM]:

That was a wounded duck. Brees looks awful today.

eightyseven [6:34 PM]:

how un-twinkle toes

Ryan Van Bibber [6:34 PM]:

Jimmy Graham knows exactly how Marshall Faulk felt in Super Bowl XXXVI

Stephen White [6:34 PM]:

Made up with it with that play however

Stephen White [6:34 PM]:

Dumb penalty by Wagner btw

Cyd Zeigler [6:34 PM]:

That looked like a great call by the officials. RB got spun around, back of wrist hit, Seahawk hit the ref. Saints ball +15 yards.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:33 PM]:

how many passes has Brees had batted down so far today?

jpoundr [6:33 PM]:

Saints get a gift

Ryan Van Bibber [6:32 PM]:


Cheese Pudding [6:32 PM]:

No-Fun League

James Dator [6:32 PM]:

Terrible call

jpoundr [6:32 PM]:

looks like a fumble to me

Stephen White [6:32 PM]:

Nah thats a fumble holmes

Stephen White [6:31 PM]:

Another fumble?

Ryan Van Bibber [6:31 PM]:


Percy Harvin’s return prompts questions

Two big hits to Percy Harvin, the first of which prompted a concussion test but removed him from the game for just a short stretch, have the Seahawks protocols on Saturday under scrutiny.

Stephen White [6:31 PM]:

They better not get pass happy

Stephen White [6:29 PM]:


Stephen White [6:29 PM]:

If Sproles fair caught that I cant see a way the Seahawks wouldnt have run into him anyway. Very risky though so I understand why he moved away instaed

Stephen White [6:28 PM]:

Run clock run

unxknownxorigin [6:26 PM]:

How does he just make peopel bounce off of him like he does? I just do not understand it

Stephen White [6:26 PM]:

How does watching that dude run not get you geeked?!

Stephen White [6:25 PM]:

Like the call to throw but not the play. Take the damn shot

Stephen White [6:25 PM]:

Take a shot here on second down. Why not?

Ryan Van Bibber [6:23 PM]:

@sgw94 yeah, good point

James Dator [6:21 PM]:

@sgw94 Ran into the same problem vs. Carolina in Week 16. Kept going to a dry well

Stephen White [6:21 PM]:

Mike Bennett…

Stephen White [6:20 PM]:

Ok screens not working today STOP WASTING A DOWN WITH IT!!!

Stephen White [6:19 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber kinda think Seattle was thinking right now as in trying to win it all this year when they made the trade. Hindsight and all but if Harvin was healthy this season no way any rookie wouldve made the same impact. Just bad luck on that front

Ryan Van Bibber [6:17 PM]:

I still think Harvin’s a good fit for the Seahawks if he ever gets healthy, but I still don’t like that trade. They could have drafted Patterson or found a similar player elsewhere, and for less $$

jpoundr [6:15 PM]:

Quarterback play is terrible today.

Stephen White [6:15 PM]:

Seahawks cant let up on offense either. They too should have some deep ball opportunities off play action in the second half

Oh No Romo [6:15 PM]:

Stephen White [6:13 PM]:

First half Saints tried screens and draws and a few roll outs etc, mainly quick stuff in the passing game. If they come out and have more success running the ball in the second half then they have to take some shots down field off play action. Can’t run this well and not have much to show of it in the passing game. The two should compliment each other

Stephen White [6:11 PM]:

Agree on this

Ryan Van Bibber [6:06 PM]:

Oh No Romo [6:04 PM]:

Oh No Romo [6:03 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber They could always have 33 passing yards though.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:59 PM]:

34 passing yards for the Saints … 34!

Edson.Herman.14 [5:59 PM]:

Saints have lost already..

Stephen White [5:58 PM]:


jpoundr [5:58 PM]:

The Saints are having trouble protecting, catching, and throwing

Stephen White [5:58 PM]:

Do think this is very dumb to go three man rush however

Stephen White [5:58 PM]:

Saints cant even block a three man rush

Stephen White [5:57 PM]:


eightyseven [5:56 PM]:

The wet dog look suits Rob Ryan so good.

Navy_Rebel [5:55 PM]:

Saints – Effective TE = No Super Bowl

Stephen White [5:55 PM]:

Saints havent pass blocked that great either. Thats been a factor in Brees’ performance too

Clay Wendler [5:54 PM]:

eightyseven [5:53 PM]:

Seattle cheerleaders wearing Gore-tex the best

gleeker8 [5:53 PM]:

can drew brees throw the freaking ball now

eightyseven [5:52 PM]:

So uh, Nola offense?

Stephen White [5:52 PM]:

Still (theoretically at least) just a two score game

Ryan Van Bibber [5:51 PM]:

2nd 1:18
That dome team 0
Marshawn Lynch et al 16

Stephen White [5:51 PM]:

Wilson waited too long to decide to run. I wish he would make folks pay more. It would help him his offense and his team tremendously

Rodger Sherman [5:51 PM]:

i feel like the saints are lucky to be down 16.

jpoundr [5:50 PM]:

Keep him out of the game, please. Not worth the risk.

Navy_Rebel [5:50 PM]:

Harvin died again

Stephen White [5:49 PM]:

Seahawks getting too cute in the redzone. Run the f’n ball

Clay Wendler [5:49 PM]:

harvin died

Stephen White [5:49 PM]:

Sheesh Harvin takes another blow to the head

Stephen White [5:48 PM]:


Stephen White [5:48 PM]:

Kearse decleated Hawthorne

Ryan Van Bibber [5:48 PM]:

Stephen White [5:47 PM]:

Oh my damn what a crack block

Stephen White [5:47 PM]:

Definitely not letting em play today

Stephen White [5:46 PM]:

Run with it Russell!

Ryan Van Bibber [5:46 PM]:

Stephen White [5:45 PM]:

What a third effort to avoid the loss

Clay Wendler [5:45 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [5:45 PM]:

Thank you Chevy for reminding me there is a second half for the Saints

Navy_Rebel [5:44 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [5:42 PM]:

Think i’m gonna be sick

Stephen White [5:42 PM]:

The Wizard

Ryan Van Bibber [5:42 PM]:

pretty good example of Wilson opening up plays when he gets out of the pocket

Navy_Rebel [5:41 PM]:

that was also sick

Stephen White [5:41 PM]:

What a play by Wilson

Stephen White [5:41 PM]:

Really it looks crazy but Okung’s hands are inside the framework. That shouldnt have been holding

Stephen White [5:40 PM]:

14 carries in the half for Lynch but holding again

Navy_Rebel [5:39 PM]:

that was sick

Stephen White [5:39 PM]:

Smart jump ball there

Stephen White [5:38 PM]:

Why in hell didnt he throw that? Wasnt expecting blitz? Predetermined he would tuck it?

Stephen White [5:38 PM]:

Be decisive man. Cant keep pump faking

derp ferguson [5:37 PM]:

@Run Home Jack with his porsche?

Ryan Nanni [5:37 PM]:

There are two ways Marshawn Lynch can break your ankles, and you will not like either.

Stephen White [5:36 PM]:

I love watching Lynch run the ball

Clay Wendler [5:35 PM]:

we really need rain-resistant camera tech

Navy_Rebel [5:35 PM]:

@oracle gif me futility

Edson.Herman.14 [5:34 PM]:

is Wagner in the Pro Bowl?

Stephen White [5:34 PM]:

Bennett almost got him from DT

Navy_Rebel [5:33 PM]:

theres your game

Stephen White [5:33 PM]:

Pressure in the middle gave Brees problems just then.

JohnnyGentle [5:33 PM]:

Wait, was that “SAINTS CAN’T PASS IN BAD WEATHER” narrative actually true?

James Dator [5:33 PM]:

Outstanding breakup by Bobby Wagner

Navy_Rebel [5:33 PM]:

Here we go.

James Dator [5:33 PM]:

Well, here we go

Stephen White [5:33 PM]:

Wagner went back door and got Robinson from behind. Very athletic play

Navy_Rebel [5:33 PM]:

Go for it

James Dator [5:32 PM]:

Special teams are fun in this game

Stephen White [5:31 PM]:

Good lawd Thomas has no fear

Clay Wendler [5:31 PM]:

with computers

Navy_Rebel [5:31 PM]:

I guess Big Tuna was right about Robinson

Stephen White [5:31 PM]:

He wasnt down. Second time

Stephen White [5:30 PM]:

Brendan Porath [5:28 PM]:

Keenan Lewis, just getting over his concussion from last week, is now slamming his head into things after the whistle

Edson.Herman.14 [5:28 PM]:

Those GIFs are nice how are they done?

Ryan Nanni [5:27 PM]:

Sean Payton’s Gatorade scarf, now available at Modell’s.

Clay Wendler [5:27 PM]:

Stephen White [5:27 PM]:

Another bad pass by Wilson. Better pass and Harvin might still be running

Navy_Rebel [5:27 PM]:

@sgw94 well it was cold last week and everyone needs to snuggle to stay warm

Navy_Rebel [5:26 PM]:

Saints have only forced two turnovers in the last 6 gaems

Stephen White [5:26 PM]:

Guess they rescinded the “no holding calls” memo from last week

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

But its coming back

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Now Turbin with the great cutback and run

Edson.Herman.14 [5:25 PM]:

Saints Run D tho..

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Which would be BRILLIANT

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Lynch might get 30 carries today

Ryan Nanni [5:25 PM]:

Marshawn Lynch isn’t fair. He just isn’t.

Stephen White [5:24 PM]:

Brass ones going pitch on 3rd and 3

Clay Wendler [5:23 PM]:

erin andrews doing the MJ look

Ryan Van Bibber [5:23 PM]:

2nd 12:00
Narrative 0
Beast Mode 13

James Dator [5:23 PM]:

Seattle is the perfect place for Rob Ryan. If the Saints lose he can hop on that plane to Alaska and start crab season early

Stephen White [5:22 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [5:21 PM]:

Throwing Skittles opens the possibility of future injury report reading OUT — Skittle to the eye

Navy_Rebel [5:21 PM]:

Time for the Saints to pin their ears back and dig in if they wan’t any hope of coming back in this one

Stephen White [5:19 PM]:

Seahawks need to rush the middle on Brees so he cant climb the pocket. Still off the field with tight coverage

Clay Wendler [5:19 PM]:

Navy_Rebel [5:18 PM]:

That pass flew overseas

Stephen White [5:18 PM]:

Or not. Too high

Stephen White [5:18 PM]:

High but catchable

Stephen White [5:17 PM]:

Pass sailed on Brees

Edson.Herman.14 [5:17 PM]:

13-0 wow

derp ferguson [5:16 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter already happened

Clay Wendler [5:16 PM]:

James Dator [5:15 PM]:

Drew Brees’ longest completion is 13 yards, to a running back. That needs to change

Clay Wendler [5:14 PM]:

JohnnyGentle [5:14 PM]:

Derrick Harvey’s falling to the 6th round, right?

jpoundr [5:14 PM]:

Let’s see if the Saints will spread it out more on this drive.

Navy_Rebel [5:13 PM]:

Stephen White [5:12 PM]:

Beast Mode

James Dator [5:12 PM]:

Harvin’s rapid return to the field immediately highlighted by a play designed for him

Rodger Sherman [5:12 PM]:

percy throwing his body into stuff, too

Stephen White [5:12 PM]:

Harvin still got that crazy burst

Ryan Nanni [5:11 PM]:

New Orleans is more of a basketball town.

Stephen White [5:11 PM]:

Bennett wasnt a Buccaneer man tho….

Ryan Van Bibber [5:11 PM]:

the Seahawks defense got a turnover on 20% of drives this year. 20%!!!!!!

jpoundr [5:11 PM]:

Welcome back, Mark Ingram

James Dator [5:10 PM]:

James Dator [5:09 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [5:09 PM]:

Grunge, fish throwing, a ferry. We are a Space Needle shot away from Seattle game broadcast bingo.

Brendan Porath [5:08 PM]:

“ferry to the other side of the field” — think they had that one in the can for a couple days

James Dator [5:08 PM]:

“The Saints will take the ferry to the other side of the field,” nice work with the b-roll, FOX

Ryan Van Bibber [5:08 PM]:

Stephen White [5:08 PM]:

Love that Sherman will tackle in the run game. Not a big guy either

jpoundr [5:08 PM]:

Seahawks getting no interior push.

Clay Wendler [5:06 PM]:

Clay Wendler [5:06 PM]:

obligatory lynch.gif

Ryan Van Bibber [5:06 PM]:

Stephen White [5:04 PM]:

Stephen White [5:03 PM]:

FGs wont beat Brees

Rodger Sherman [5:02 PM]:

@Run Home Jack he’s like the Kool-Aid Man, but for freedom.

Stephen White [5:02 PM]:

Bad pass by Wilson, behind the WR on a slant

James Dator [5:01 PM]:

@Run Home Jack If it means hearing the Hoff sing, I’m all for it

Stephen White [5:01 PM]:

Turbin with good yardage off read option

Ryan Nanni [5:00 PM]:

Let’s rebuild the Berlin Wall so Marshawn Lynch can run through it.

Stephen White [5:00 PM]:

Everybody is flipping passes now i see. Look at what you started Alex Smith!!!

Navy_Rebel [4:59 PM]:

Wood being laid by bush?

Clay Wendler [4:59 PM]:

bush is really laying wood

Stephen White [4:59 PM]:

Nice ball by Wilson

Stephen White [4:57 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [4:57 PM]:

Stephen White [4:56 PM]:

If the Saints can get some good yards on screens then they get Seahawks defensive linemen hesitating on their pass rushes. If they cant then the Seahawks can pin their ears backs and get after Brees. Draws help too so i would expect a few draws by the Saints in the next drive

Navy_Rebel [4:55 PM]:

stupid 12th man wind

Cyd Zeigler [4:55 PM]:

Graham has been with seven teams over the last four seasons.

Oh No Romo [4:55 PM]:

D’OH- Shayne Graham

Stephen White [4:53 PM]:

Screen game hasnt been productive so far

Ryan Van Bibber [4:53 PM]:

Clay Wendler [4:53 PM]:

Stephen White [4:52 PM]:

Earl Thomas is a missle

Stephen White [4:51 PM]:

Saints getting in a rhythm on offense

Navy_Rebel [4:50 PM]:

er, beast mode

Navy_Rebel [4:50 PM]:

Ingram in beat mode?

Stephen White [4:50 PM]:

Ingram is like a whole new rb. Running really well since he came back from injury

gleeker8 [4:48 PM]:

cant really blame that injury on harvins injury prone label

Ryan Van Bibber [4:48 PM]:

1st 10:19
Popeye’s ambassadors 0
12 angry men 3

Stephen White [4:48 PM]:

Has anybody ever gone back to do the concussion protocol then come back and deemed ok to return to the game? Sincere question because I cant remember it happening

Ryan Van Bibber [4:47 PM]:

Harvin lasted all of two plays

Ryan Van Bibber [4:47 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [4:47 PM]:

Harvin’s going to the locker room

Cyd Zeigler [4:46 PM]:

Oh Harvin’s leaving the field?

Cyd Zeigler [4:45 PM]:

Ha hadn’t realized that Bush still wears 25 for the Saints!

Clay Wendler [4:44 PM]:

Stephen White [4:44 PM]:

Big stop for NO, thats a win

Clay Wendler [4:43 PM]:

Stephen White [4:43 PM]:

Seahawks breaking out read option early, even if it was a broken play. Somebody better have Wilson every time

Ryan Van Bibber [4:43 PM]:

Oh man, and now Junior Galette

Ryan Van Bibber [4:42 PM]:

Harvin’s getting checked out by the Dr on the sideline.

ikeameatballz [4:42 PM]:

was that incognito browner on that hit

Stephen White [4:42 PM]:

Saints need to go for the ball on Lynch’s second efforts

Cyd Zeigler [4:42 PM]:

Defenseless receiver. That’s 15 yards every time. But if Harvin is out, is it “worth” the 15 yards?

Stephen White [4:41 PM]:

He had already dropped it but i know that was bang bang

Cyd Zeigler [4:41 PM]:

How can you be so stupid to lead with the helmet there?

Ryan Van Bibber [4:40 PM]:

Gotdamn … right off the bat

Stephen White [4:40 PM]:

Knew that would get flagged. Didnt need to do it smh

Rodger Sherman [4:40 PM]:

great camera angle

James Dator [4:40 PM]:

That pass to Harvin was telegraphed too much. Easy to sniff out

Stephen White [4:40 PM]:

NO defense looking good so far

Stephen White [4:39 PM]:

Bunkley was impactful vs the run last week too. Underrated

sixerfan1220 [4:38 PM]:

tate over harvin on punts

Stephen White [4:38 PM]:


derp ferguson [4:38 PM]:

@James Dator 12th man presented by Bose

Stephen White [4:38 PM]:

Bennett finally tasting the playoffs. Good for him. Guess i jinxed Ingram SMH

James Dator [4:38 PM]:

That screen was set, terrible drop

Rodger Sherman [4:38 PM]:

all the 12 signs in the wind look like 51 signs

Ryan Van Bibber [4:38 PM]:

Kam Chancellor is easily one of the most underrated players out there right now

Stephen White [4:37 PM]:

I actually thought Ingram balled last week

Stephen White [4:37 PM]:

Robinson with the start. Interesting

Stephen White [4:36 PM]:

Here we go…

James Dator [4:35 PM]:

I know 31 other fanbases are frustrated by it, but the whole 12th man thing is really cool

Ryan Van Bibber [4:30 PM]:

@sgw94 gotta pace yourself

James Dator [4:28 PM]:

Aside from Harvin playing I’m really interested to see what the Seahawks do to stop the Saints screen game

Stephen White [4:28 PM]:

Later though

Stephen White [4:28 PM]:

Tailgating with Cheddar Pringles. Wings last

Stephen White [4:27 PM]:

I think Russell Wilson will have over 80 yards rushing today

Stephen White [4:26 PM]:

Happy Divisional Saturday, folks!

Clay Wendler [4:26 PM]:

Oh No Romo [4:25 PM]:

No food or drinks as of yet.

James Dator [4:25 PM]:

I have sweet tea (because Carolina) and just ate chicken and dumplings (also because Carolina)

Ryan Van Bibber [4:24 PM]:

I’m having some sparkling water … but I’m not driving, LOL

Ryan Van Bibber [4:24 PM]:

Hello friends. What are you eating and drinking for your home tailgate?

James Dator [4:23 PM]:

Happy playoffs (again) everyone!