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Saints vs. Seahawks ends with boneheaded Marques Colston forward pass

In the annals of YOU CAN'T DO THAT, Marques Colston's game-ending forward pass is amongst the YOU CAN'T DO THAT-iest.

Jeff Gross

After recovering a flukey, bouncey onside kick, the Saints had a chance at a last-minute drive to tie up the Divisional round matchup with the Seahawks. But, Marques Colston threw away that sliver of a chance -- literally -- in one of the oddest, least-legal football plays in recent memory.

The Saints had moved the ball to the 49-yard line with 11 seconds left -- seemingly enough time for one more play and a Hail Mary hurl to the end zone. Drew Brees dropped back and found Colston open on the sideline.

The move for Colston seemed obvious: step out of bounds and let the Saints run a final desperation heave. Instead ...


The first problem here is that they didn't need to go into AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH MIRACLE mode. There was ample time left.

The second problem here is that this pass went FORWARD, which, you know, you can't do twice on one play or ever past the line of scrimmage. When the ball hit the ground the refs threw an easy flag for illegal forward pass and although there were still two seconds left in the game, a penalty like that in the last minute comes with a 10-second runoff, so the game ended and the Seahawks moved on.

The Saints likely weren't going to win anyway -- they were lucky just to be in a position. But after this silly move, they definitely weren't going to win.

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