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Michael Bennett calls Jimmy Graham 'soft,' 'overrated'

Jimmy Graham had words for the Seahawks before the game, and the Seahawks had some words for him afterward.

Jeff Gross

Before Saturday's Divisional round game, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham did a little school yard jawing with some players from the Seahawks. He knocked off someone's chapeau, but it never lived up to the scrape Twitter made it out to be. However, Graham gave the kids at home a good lesson about Karma, something the Seahawks players were all too eager to remind him about after the game.

Drew Brees tried to find his tight end a total of six times on Saturday night, but it was no use; Graham didn't catch a pass until the Saints' last drive of the game. He finished with one catch for eight yards.

Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett was all too eager to share his feelings about New Orleans' All-Pro tight end.

Richard Sherman weighed in too ... of course he did.

Remember, save your trash talk for AFTER the game, especially if you're playing against the Seattle secondary.

Update: Graham had one more thing to say after the game:

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