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LeGarrette Blount sets records in win over Colts

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New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount ran for records on Saturday night.

Al Bello

SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

LeGarrette Blount walked onto the field in Foxboro hoping to make a difference, and jogged off in the record books.

Blount set a new team record for touchdowns, and matched the prior mark for yards. He scored four times against the Colts on Saturday night, and finds himself in good company as a result.  The previous record holder was Curtis Martin in 1997, who scored on three occasions and ran for 166 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second year of the now Hall of Fame running back's career.

Only one running back has rushed for more touchdowns in a playoff game, and you need to go back to 1994 to find Ricky Watters' dominant performance against the New York Giants.

It became clear early that the Saturday night game wouldn't be an average Patriots game. Tom Brady had time in the pocket, but effective zone coverage took away deep passing lanes. This caused the offense to switch to more crossing routes, which allowed yards after the catch but didn't stretch the field. As a result, Brady finished with less than 200 passing yards and no touchdowns.

Blount picked up the slack. He not only ran effectively, but came through when it counted most. Entering the fourth quarter it appeared a comeback was possible, but the dagger was dropped on a 73-yard touchdown run that ensured it was impossible for Indianapolis to rebound.


If the Patriots can continue to run the ball effectively, it's hard to project a team in the AFC stopping them. Blount's stellar performance causes other players to be overlooked, but Stevan Ridley performed extremely well too -- finishing with 52 yards and two touchdowns of his own on 14 carries.

No team remaining in the AFC has the potential to run the ball like New England, and that could be the difference for a team that has struggled to make the Super Bowl in past years after being so close. Now Blount waits to see where he'll be running next, either in Denver or staying in Foxboro, where he can attempt to add to his legacy.

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