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Bill Belichick closes in on postseason wins record

New England's win over the Colts on Saturday night was Bill Belichick's 19th playoff win as a head coach, putting him in some impressive company.

Jim Rogash

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Bill Belichick notched his first playoff win as a head coach on Jan. 1, 1995. That was back in his Browns days, the year he took them to an 11-5 season (which is also the Browns' best finish since 1986). He coached his way to his 19th playoff win on Saturday night against the Colts, to advance to the AFC Championship game, his sixth appearance.

Those 19 wins tie Belichick (19-8) with Don Shula (19-17) for the second-most playoff wins by a head coach in NFL history. The current record belongs to none other than Tom Landry (20-16). (Belichick and Landry also hold the top two spots on the dresses-like-your-grandpa list).

The number 19 must be an auspicious one for Belichick. This is his 19th season as a head coach. Landry coached the Cowboys for 29 years. Shula was a head coach for 33 years, including the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins ... the last team to go undefeated in the regular season until Belichick's 2007 Patriots. Of course, the '72 Dolphins won the Super Bowl that season; the Patriots lost to the Giants for the Lombardi Trophy.

Shula won two Super Bowls. Belichick is seeking his fourth at the moment.

Now, are you ready for me to really your mind blown?

Belichick's first playoff win was a 20-13, Wild Card weekend win over ... the New England Patriots. All of his other playoff wins, 18 of his 19, came as head coach of the Patriots.


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