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2014 NFL Divisional round: Live coverage of Sunday's action

Join the SB Nation NFL crew for live coverage, highlights, analysis & more from Sunday's NFL doubleheader, starting with the 49ers at Panthers and continuing with the Chargers at Broncos.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Clay Wendler [8:06 PM]:

Stephen White [7:56 PM]:

eightyseven [7:55 PM]:


One Piece of Cake [7:54 PM]:

The SD comeback coincided directly with Harris leaving the game. Big difference in defensive performance with and without him

Ryan Van Bibber [7:53 PM]:

Third-and-17 …

Stephen White [7:53 PM]:

Thomas tackled Moreno and started celebrating lmaoooo

Stephen White [7:52 PM]:

Game, blouses

Charlie Gebow [7:52 PM]:


Oh No Romo [7:51 PM]:

There’s no way they throw on 3rd and short, right?

Stephen White [7:51 PM]:

Moreno wanted to finish em off

Stephen White [7:50 PM]:

Big run by Moreno

Stephen White [7:48 PM]:

Keep inviting disaster throwing it. I know its Peyton but still

Oh No Romo [7:47 PM]:

Rivers GIF!?

Stephen White [7:47 PM]:

They cant stop the Broncos though. Too many injuries. 97 no awareness of the route combo

Stephen White [7:45 PM]:

Its basically cover three. Linebacker doesnt buzz to the flat. Not sure why they were in that in that situation tho

Stephen White [7:44 PM]:

And then that happens. Wow

Ryan Van Bibber [7:44 PM]:

Does John Fox think he has a 24-point lead?

Mark Ennis [7:43 PM]:

I just can’t believe this is happening.

Stephen White [7:43 PM]:


James Dator [7:41 PM]:

4th 4:00
Don’t count out Philibuster Philip 17
Trying to match Tebow’s playoff win total 24

Stephen White [7:40 PM]:

He was out

Oh No Romo [7:40 PM]:

Another Chargers injury

Stephen White [7:40 PM]:

Bad time for that

Stephen White [7:37 PM]:

One score game

Stephen White [7:34 PM]:

Allen finally getting loose

Stephen White [7:33 PM]:

Smart by Brown getting out of bounds

Stephen White [7:33 PM]:

Shaun Phillips hurting his old team

Ryan Van Bibber [7:32 PM]:

4th 5:43
So you’re saying there’s a chance 14
Omaha tourism board 24

Stephen White [7:32 PM]:

Might not have gone 10 yards without hitting a Charger had Decker left it alone. Hard to sit back tho

Mark Ennis [7:31 PM]:

Why didn’t Peyton Manning recover that?

Stephen White [7:31 PM]:


James Dator [7:27 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Oh wait! Now I remember!

James Dator [7:27 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Weird. I remember “fat and slow.” Ricky Proehl was selling him so hard at his pro day

Ryan Van Bibber [7:27 PM]:

@James Dator b/c he was over-hydrated … remember that stupid rumor that someone leaked to Shefter & Mort, that he failed a drug test

Ryan Van Bibber [7:26 PM]:

think they have a snowball’s chance now?

James Dator [7:26 PM]:

I will never understand how Keenan Allen made it to the third round

Stephen White [7:25 PM]:

Now you wanna take shots…

Dimitri Dorlis [7:24 PM]:

@sgw94 Because Whisenhunt is phoning it in?

One Piece of Cake [7:23 PM]:

Jammer is awful

Charlie Gebow [7:23 PM]:

Jammer is channeling Rahim Moore

Stephen White [7:23 PM]:

Why did the Chargers wait so long for this?

Stephen White [7:23 PM]:

DRC hearing the cash register sound going off in his ears lol

Oh No Romo [7:20 PM]:

Cheese Pudding [7:19 PM]:

If the SB consists of Seattle vs. Denver, could we call it “The Pot Bowl”?

Stephen White [7:18 PM]:

So…a running game battle next week between the Broncos and Pats?

Stephen White [7:17 PM]:

Moreno shuts the door with that TD run

Dimitri Dorlis [7:17 PM]:

That defensive PI changed the whole drive….

Charlie Gebow [7:16 PM]:


Stephen White [7:15 PM]:

Moreno again

Stephen White [7:14 PM]:

Man that was one hell of an impact

unxknownxorigin [7:14 PM]:

Gilchirst concussions 2 Chargers 7

Clay Wendler [7:10 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [7:08 PM]:

And they can’t figure out where things are now

Cyd Zeigler [7:07 PM]:

Welker pushes off – and it’s PI on the defense. Lol.

Stephen White [7:06 PM]:


Stephen White [7:05 PM]:

Broncos should be running it

the Glenn [7:03 PM]:

Hey…gotta keep the game close. Fans don’t watch blow outs.

James Dator [7:03 PM]:


Peyton Manning can’t stop talking about Omaha

Everybody loves Omaha.

Stephen White [7:02 PM]:

Thats not a block int he back even if he turned away…

Stephen White [7:02 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [7:02 PM]:

105 yards, but ….

Charlie Gebow [7:02 PM]:

Probably coming back

Clay Wendler [7:00 PM]:

Stephen White [6:58 PM]:

Got em coach

Stephen White [6:55 PM]:

3 man rush and Rivers makes them pay

unxknownxorigin [6:54 PM]:

those kids look bettr than the Chargers

Stephen White [6:49 PM]:

Still no Mathews

Cyd Zeigler [6:48 PM]:

We’ve seen Manning’s only red zone interception – and only Prater’s second miss within 50 – of the season in one game.

Stephen White [6:46 PM]:


Stephen White [6:46 PM]:

Cbargers sent everybody

Rodger Sherman [6:45 PM]:

Points by the San Diego Chargers tonight 0
Golden Globes won by the San Diego Chargers tonight 0

Stephen White [6:44 PM]:

Somebody gotta get benched bruh

Stephen White [6:43 PM]:

Running game has been so key this weekend

Stephen White [6:41 PM]:

He obviously crossed into the neutral zone. Obviously

Charlie Gebow [6:41 PM]:

Hey, a Neutral Zone Infraction. How new

Stephen White [6:41 PM]:

Cmon mannnnn

Clay Wendler [6:40 PM]:

James Dator [6:38 PM]:

It’s one of those days for SD

Stephen White [6:38 PM]:

Gotta catch that. Also no Mathews again that drive

Cyd Zeigler [6:37 PM]:

With all the illegal pick plays Manning has run over the years, that penalty is rich.

Stephen White [6:37 PM]:

Yeah that was obvious. Dont use your hands

Stephen White [6:36 PM]:

Big opi

Stephen White [6:36 PM]:

Or maybe Allen should have sat down right there

Stephen White [6:35 PM]:

Bad pass

Oh No Romo [6:35 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Shouldn’t the team be the source?

Ryan Van Bibber [6:34 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [6:34 PM]:

crowd noise in Denver makes you wonder if marijuana sales in Denver are as big as they say

Stephen White [6:34 PM]:

Keenan Allen signing

Stephen White [6:33 PM]:

Stamping your feet: 2 year old or starting NFL QB?

Cyd Zeigler [6:33 PM]:

Nantz: “This is one of the louder days I’ve ever seen at this stadium.”

unxknownxorigin [6:33 PM]:

that was hilarious

unxknownxorigin [6:33 PM]:

please tell me you have a GIF of 91 mocking rivers

Charlie Gebow [6:33 PM]:

A positive pass play for SD? Sacre Bleu

James Dator [6:32 PM]:

Philip Rivers just increased his net passing yards by 400%

Cyd Zeigler [6:32 PM]:

Broncos are -2 in turnover margin and up 17.

Stephen White [6:30 PM]:

I do very much hope some Chargers beat writer asks McCoy WTF was going on with Mathews carries the second half last week and all game today

Ryan Van Bibber [6:29 PM]:

3rd 9:39
Thunder-less 0
Broncos 17

Stephen White [6:29 PM]:

Juuuuust a bit inside. Pretty sure Chargers are dunzo if they arent willing to a) ride Mathews and b) take shots down the field.

James Dator [6:26 PM]:

Just a touch of holding, a smidgen really

Mike.Cranford [6:25 PM]:


Stephen White [6:25 PM]:

Cant throw it any better than that

Stephen White [6:22 PM]:

Smart to take that time out. Big third down here

Stephen White [6:21 PM]:

Peyton took a shot but it was way too long

James Dator [6:19 PM]:

Clay Wendler [6:19 PM]:

pagano needs to grow his hair and be rob ryan 2.0

Cyd Zeigler [6:19 PM]:

Chargers aren’t jumping in the second half…

Stephen White [6:18 PM]:

Peyton looks to be in the zone now

James Dator [6:06 PM]:


Colin Kaepernick has an impressive to-do list

We’ve all done some of these, and it’s nice to see Kaepernick being one of us.

One Piece of Cake [6:04 PM]:

More suprising: Ineffectiveness of Rivers or Effectiveness of Denver D?

Cyd Zeigler [6:04 PM]:

1 passing yard??!!

unxknownxorigin [6:04 PM]:

@Cyd Zeigler more bolo tie offense

Clay Wendler [6:03 PM]:

UnstableMongoose [6:02 PM]:

No turf monster. Punter just hit him so hard it took him a couple seconds to feel it.

UnstableMongoose [6:01 PM]:

Seems like a waste of that incredible turnover.

Clay Wendler [6:01 PM]:

Cyd Zeigler [6:01 PM]:

The Chargers offense isn’t right. Go into the locker room and come back out with a new gameplan.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:01 PM]:

they had one TO left

One Piece of Cake [6:01 PM]:

@Clefo unbelivably ironic. peyton threw a pick after he turf monster got him last year too

Ryan Van Bibber [6:00 PM]:

they’re just going to take a knee? It works, but seems like w/ Rivers you could run a play or two

Stephen White [6:00 PM]:

Still 14-0 at the half

UnstableMongoose [6:00 PM]:

Thoughts on taking the knee there? Denver gets the ball next, right?

One Piece of Cake [5:59 PM]:

That was impressive

Stephen White [5:59 PM]:

Damn Decker, hit him right in his chest

Charlie Gebow [5:59 PM]:

Decker’s turf monster comes up huge

Stephen White [5:59 PM]:

What an interception. Great awareness

UnstableMongoose [5:58 PM]:

Gorgeous pick.

Matt Ufford [5:58 PM]:

holy balls, what a pick

Stephen White [5:58 PM]:

Weak pick attempt by Decker

Stephen White [5:58 PM]:

Sailed that one

Stephen White [5:56 PM]:

Moreno with another good run

unxknownxorigin [5:55 PM]:

#papa johns?

Charlie Gebow [5:52 PM]:


One Piece of Cake [5:52 PM]:


unxknownxorigin [5:52 PM]:

i cant remember the last time i saw this many neutral zone infractions rather than false starts

Stephen White [5:52 PM]:

SMH Ridiculous

One Piece of Cake [5:51 PM]:

last year*

One Piece of Cake [5:50 PM]:

last yeat

Stephen White [5:50 PM]:

Mark Ennis [5:48 PM]:

The only tackle he didn’t break was his own.

One Piece of Cake [5:48 PM]:

The grass always comes to play when Decker faces the chargers

Stephen White [5:48 PM]:

Decker with the punt return. Broke all those tackles then tripped over his own feet lol

eightyseven [5:48 PM]:

Oh jeez

Ryan Van Bibber [5:48 PM]:

another punter injury

Stephen White [5:47 PM]:

Might not want to try that again against DRC

Stephen White [5:46 PM]:

Chargers gotta take a shot soon to back the Broncos up.

Clay Wendler [5:45 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [5:44 PM]:

2nd 6:00
Philip Rivers and the Rivettes 0
Guy who keeps shouting OMAHA 14

Oh No Romo [5:42 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber He looked upset about something at least. That’s what I thought was bugging him.

Stephen White [5:42 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [5:41 PM]:

@Oh No Romo looks like he wanted a call for the hit on Manning

eightyseven [5:40 PM]:

…Wes Welker*

Ryan Van Bibber [5:40 PM]:

here we go

Oh No Romo [5:40 PM]:

What was Fox upset about?

Stephen White [5:40 PM]:

Welker with the quick out from slot TD off peyton half roll left

eightyseven [5:39 PM]:

I miss

Stephen White [5:39 PM]:

He was holding Thomas the whole time

Cyd Zeigler [5:39 PM]:

@sgw94 They don’t want Manning to blow another playoff game.

Danny Paramo [5:39 PM]:

The Niners played great look out seahawks!

Ryan Van Bibber [5:36 PM]:

Te’o down

Stephen White [5:36 PM]:

Very impressed with Broncos commitment to the run today

Stephen White [5:34 PM]:

Chargers undisciplined

Stephen White [5:33 PM]:

Now Ball coming down hill

Stephen White [5:32 PM]:

Moreno with a nice run

NBSP [5:31 PM]:

Well this is certainly shaping up to be the offensive slugfest I expected

Stephen White [5:31 PM]:

But that screen works to Moreno. Told yall the Broncos are the GOAT screen team

Stephen White [5:30 PM]:

Rarely see OPI on these Denver screens

Ryan Van Bibber [5:30 PM]:


Philip Rivers masters angry clapping

Get him the ball now!

One Piece of Cake [5:29 PM]:

ball don’t lie

NBSP [5:29 PM]:

I love how Peyton Manning blocked that kick

Stephen White [5:28 PM]:

Last game the Chargers exploited the fact that Vickerson was out and the Broncos didnt play Jackson much inside on early downs. With him in there today things have been a lot more clogged up.

NBSP [5:28 PM]:

Would that even have had the distance?

Stephen White [5:27 PM]:


Clay Wendler [5:27 PM]:

Stephen White [5:26 PM]:

And there is Jackson getting the sack

AloysiusEwing [5:26 PM]:

There wasn’t indisputable evidence to call it incomplete. And there wasn’t indisputable evidence to call it complete with him being down. So the call stands, even though the call was clearly wrong (should have been one of the other two). That review rule needs to be changed.

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Kind Dunlap with another big block on a Mathews run

Ryan Van Bibber [5:25 PM]:

there’s matthews

NBSP [5:25 PM]:

@Clefo I believe casting stones and goat’s blood is involved in the review process

Stephen White [5:24 PM]:

Mathews busts it up out of the crowd for a big gain

Stephen White [5:24 PM]:

And Mathews is back in

Charlie Gebow [5:23 PM]:

NFL catch rules make no sense to me

Cyd Zeigler [5:23 PM]:

That’s insane

Stephen White [5:23 PM]:

That is terrible

Ryan Van Bibber [5:23 PM]:

cbenti60 [5:23 PM]:

Stands… anyone read those lips

Stephen White [5:22 PM]:

Now Is indicative of injury

One Piece of Cake [5:22 PM]:

@cbenti60 his butt hit the ground before it came out though

Stephen White [5:22 PM]:

Last week the Chargers curiously sat Mathews some in the second half even though they claimed he wasnt hurt. Not sure him not being in there

cbenti60 [5:21 PM]:

Didn’t they change it so that players no longer have to do a football move? That makes me think fumble

Stephen White [5:21 PM]:

Not sure about this

Charlie Gebow [5:21 PM]:

Yeah, that SHOULD be incomplete

Cyd Zeigler [5:20 PM]:

Incomplete. Don’t see how they can rule it otherwise.

Stephen White [5:20 PM]:

Especially with the Megatron rule

NBSP [5:20 PM]:

Looks like a catch and down by contact?

Stephen White [5:19 PM]:

Never had control. Should be incomplete imo

James Dator [5:19 PM]:


Philip Rivers masters angry clapping

Get him the ball now!

Stephen White [5:19 PM]:

Nah, how could that be a fumble?

Stephen White [5:19 PM]:

Thomas cant hold on after the hit.

Clay Wendler [5:17 PM]:

Clay Wendler [5:15 PM]:

Stephen White [5:15 PM]:

Good catch by Welker

NBSP [5:12 PM]:

I’m pretty sure he was tackled on that play…

Stephen White [5:11 PM]:

They were all over Allen. Pass rush got Rivers off his spot too

Stephen White [5:10 PM]:

He mad

Stephen White [5:10 PM]:

Malik Jackson has made a difference so far vs the run even though he isnt the guy getting credit for the tackle

Clay Wendler [5:08 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [5:07 PM]:

@Mark Ennis hey, at least Bucs dumped Schiano. One up, one down. Karma evened out

Mark Ennis [5:05 PM]:

My team hired Todd Grantham and Bobby Petrino this week you guys. My face hurts so much.

James Dator [5:03 PM]:

1st 2:25
Broncos 7
Bolos 0

Stephen White [5:02 PM]:

No pressure on most of the drive

unxknownxorigin [5:02 PM]:


Stephen White [5:02 PM]:

TD pass to Thomas

unxknownxorigin [5:02 PM]:

nice catch in traffuc

Stephen White [5:02 PM]:


Stephen White [5:01 PM]:

Methodical deive by the Broncos

unxknownxorigin [5:01 PM]:

“apple” was the audible i think

Stephen White [5:00 PM]:

Nice run

Ryan Van Bibber [4:59 PM]:

UnstableMongoose [4:58 PM]:

Did he get hit headlong by Welker or did he drop it before the contact? Can’t tell from the angle they showed.

Stephen White [4:58 PM]:

Looks like the Chargers are trying to audible with Peyton. Thats usually not advisable

unxknownxorigin [4:56 PM]:

dunno how he dropped it.

Stephen White [4:56 PM]:

Oh man you gotta catch that pick

Stephen White [4:56 PM]:

Chargers blitz again, Teo didnt seem to know where he was supposed to go

Stephen White [4:55 PM]:

Or almost a first

Stephen White [4:55 PM]:

Thomas muscled his way to a first down on that WR screen. Thought the Chargers had it sniffed out

Stephen White [4:53 PM]:

Chargers blitz, peyton avoids and gets it to Thomas for the first

unxknownxorigin [4:53 PM]:

shoulda caught that

Stephen White [4:52 PM]:

Drop by Welker brings up 3rd and long

Stephen White [4:49 PM]:

And Chargers have to punt

Stephen White [4:48 PM]:

Guard looked for blitz for too long. Fluker gave up his inside expecting help

UnstableMongoose [4:48 PM]:

Does the Chargers OL exist?

Stephen White [4:48 PM]:

3man rush gets there

Stephen White [4:46 PM]:

Ouch facemask gives the Chargers a first down after facing 3rd and 17

Stephen White [4:45 PM]:

Guard blocked air

NBSP [4:45 PM]:


Stephen White [4:45 PM]:

Broncos blitz and get there

Stephen White [4:44 PM]:

Green on a shallow crosser for the first down.

Stephen White [4:43 PM]:

Chargers burn a timeout early and Rivers is already at it with the demonstrative antics

Stephen White [4:40 PM]:

Chargers ball first

jake.fain.3 [4:32 PM]:

Broncos of Chargers?

Stephen White [4:25 PM]:

drkato9 [4:19 PM]:

@Mark Ennis

Ryan Van Bibber [4:18 PM]:

Stephen White [4:17 PM]:


Stephen White [4:17 PM]:

Nobody seems to want to point out that the quick screen to 87 was open on the play Peyton threw the interception near the end of the last gane

Mark Ennis [4:15 PM]:

Stephen White [4:06 PM]:

@Mark Ennis agreed

NBSP [4:04 PM]:

I love how Harbaugh’s trying to keep people off the field. He certainly knows how to lead by example

Mark Ennis [4:03 PM]:

@sgw94 how big were those touchdown-less trips inside the red zone for Carolina? Difference in the game.

Rodger Sherman [4:03 PM]:

game’s over but holy crap ted ginn is fast

Stephen White [4:02 PM]:

What a jerk move, fake punt lol

NBSP [4:02 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Worst to first for the Panthers this past year…

Mark Ennis [4:01 PM]:


Stephen White [4:01 PM]:

Panthers never seemed to adjust to anything in the second half

Stephen White [4:01 PM]:

49ers just beat em down and they actually made a halftime adjustment. I talked early in the game about how if the panthers were going to keep blitzing then the 49ers better get some sight adjustments ready and thats exactly what Boldin’s deep ball was

Mark Ennis [4:00 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Oh that would hurt me.

Ryan Nanni [4:00 PM]:

@Mark Ennis BORTLES

Mark Ennis [3:59 PM]:

If the Bucs get key guys in the draft, the NFC South is going to be awesome next year.

Stephen White [3:55 PM]:

Why isnt Gore in? Or Dixon?

NBSP [3:54 PM]:

But, but he pushed me!

Ryan Van Bibber [3:54 PM]:

three personal fouls! I think Jeff Fisher is guest-coaching the Panthers today

Dimitri Dorlis [3:53 PM]:

Lottttttttt of stupid things this weeknd

Stephen White [3:53 PM]:

Game over

Stephen White [3:53 PM]:

You cant be that stupid. Cant be.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:51 PM]:

@Mark Ennis lollllll

Mark Ennis [3:50 PM]:

Clay Wendler [3:50 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [3:49 PM]:

7 passes, 2 sacks & 2 runs on that last drive

Ryan Van Bibber [3:48 PM]:

how many of those sacks, including the helmet hit penalty, were coverage sacks

unxknownxorigin [3:48 PM]:

ill see you guys during the broncos chargers live chat

Mark Ennis [3:48 PM]:

Well, we’re getting the World War 3 NFC Championship Game we wanted.

NBSP [3:48 PM]:

In other news, Jim Harbaugh’s head just exploded.

unxknownxorigin [3:48 PM]:

man and i picked Carolina

Ryan Van Bibber [3:48 PM]:

man, the Panthers game plan is giving the 49ers a big assist in the second half

Oh No Romo [3:48 PM]:


Navy_Rebel [3:48 PM]:

I believe we’re done here

NBSP [3:47 PM]:

Wow, don’t agree with that flag. What’s he supposed to do?

Ryan Nanni [3:47 PM]:

Weeeeeeelp. #welp

Stephen White [3:47 PM]:

Good night irene

JohnnyGentle [3:47 PM]:


Navy_Rebel [3:47 PM]:

Great execution. Best spin of the day.

Charlie Gebow [3:47 PM]:

Harbaugh pirouette

Ryan Nanni [3:47 PM]:


JohnnyGentle [3:46 PM]:


unxknownxorigin [3:46 PM]:

newton ran into him

Stephen White [3:46 PM]:

Super weak

unxknownxorigin [3:46 PM]:

newton ducked into it

unxknownxorigin [3:46 PM]:

what the heck is newton doing like an idiot… that shouldnt hav ebeen a flag also

Mark Ennis [3:46 PM]:

Helmet to helmet hit

Stephen White [3:46 PM]:

Now thats a sneak

Stephen White [3:45 PM]:

Good catch by Ginn

James Dator [3:45 PM]:

Need to run the hurry up, taking way too much time

Stephen White [3:45 PM]:

Or….that will happen

NBSP [3:45 PM]:

@sgw94 It’s not a meaningless stat, I just feel like it’s overemphasized at the expense of more useful metrics. Nice article here:

Stephen White [3:45 PM]:

What they need to do is make sure they run it some too. Specifically with Cam

Ryan Van Bibber [3:44 PM]:

@Mark Ennis yeah, but the Bucs are liberated now

Stephen White [3:44 PM]:

Almost a pick

Ryan Van Bibber [3:44 PM]:

what the hell is Cam doing?

Mark Ennis [3:44 PM]:

LaFell is all the stuff Gruden thought Michael Clayton would be. (Bucs sadz over here)

Ryan Van Bibber [3:43 PM]:

@Mark Ennis coverage on Smtih on that last play wasn’t exactly smothering

JohnnyGentle [3:43 PM]:

Yikes, Cam.

Mark Ennis [3:42 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Wow.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:42 PM]:

ZERO targets for Steve Smith in the second half so far

Stephen White [3:41 PM]:

@NBSP depends on your opponent. Vs an offense that doesnt score fast, yes it matters more. Against a high powered offense it doesnt matter at all.

NBSP [3:40 PM]:

@sgw94 Because time of possession matters more than points, right? I mean, that’s much better than if they took half as much time off the clock but scored two touchdowns, right?

Stephen White [3:39 PM]:

Stephen White [3:38 PM]:

I thought a TD would seal it. With under 8 minutes to go and up 13 a FG might have done the trick too

NBSP [3:38 PM]:

Well that was a timeout well spent

Stephen White [3:37 PM]:

That dumb ass QB sweep. I hate the 49ers version, Panthers version earlier was dope

Stephen White [3:37 PM]:

Mark Ennis [3:36 PM]:

@Run Home Jack the Lincoln-Douglas debate of assholes.

Ryan Nanni [3:35 PM]:

Pete Carroll-Jim Harbaugh is an asshole rivalry for the ages.

Stephen White [3:35 PM]:

Throw it to Boldin

Ryan Van Bibber [3:34 PM]:

Stephen White [3:34 PM]:

Smart. Man this drive is looooong lol

NBSP [3:34 PM]:

@JohnnyGentle Yes, the game is already over. I would suggest switching to the East Asian polo championship on NBC Sports until the Broncos-Chargers game.

Mark Ennis [3:34 PM]:

JohnnyGentle [3:32 PM]:

Can’t wait for the Niners’ timeout management to bite them in the ass against Seattle next week.

Clay Wendler [3:31 PM]:

Stephen White [3:31 PM]:

What a second effort to get close to a first down

Mark Ennis [3:30 PM]:

Frank Gore is amazing.

Clay Wendler [3:30 PM]:

gore is ageless

Stephen White [3:30 PM]:

At TD here and its over.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:30 PM]:

Niners OL is not disappointing today

Stephen White [3:29 PM]:

Seems like Gore breaks 3rd and short runs for big yardage on a regular basis

Stephen White [3:27 PM]:

Looked like some form of read option there which i think would have been the best call for this situation.

Mark Ennis [3:26 PM]:

NBSP [3:24 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Yeah, we know they’re all on the juice

NBSP [3:23 PM]:

Don’t worry Panthers fans, you’re winning the time of possession battle 26:40 to 18:20. Because according to every TV commentator, that matters

Clay Wendler [3:22 PM]:

if i was a niners fan my testosterone levels would be so high right now

Oh No Romo [3:22 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber “This is what we get for letting that Mark Twain impersonator drive.”

JohnnyGentle [3:21 PM]:

Is it just me, or is this game just flying by? Can’t believe we’re in the 4th already.

Ryan Van Bibber [3:21 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [3:21 PM]:

let’s check in w/ Riverboat Ron …

Charlie Gebow [3:21 PM]:

@Clay Wendler is it in my head?\

NBSP [3:20 PM]:

@Clay Wendler DOOMSDAY

Matty Fresh [3:20 PM]:

Newton looked frustrated after that second one. Let’s see how he responds

Clay Wendler [3:20 PM]:

James Dator [3:20 PM]:

Big loss for Panthers. Lester is good, but makes rookie mistakes.

NBSP [3:18 PM]:

4th and Rhode Island

Stephen White [3:18 PM]:

Cam was getting sacked as olsen leaked out. It was right in front of them on the replay. This is getting ridiculous

Ryan Nanni [3:18 PM]:

“You guys said we were playing 18 Mississippi!” – Cam Newton

Ryan Van Bibber [3:18 PM]:

back to back sacks. Newton had the first there too

Stephen White [3:18 PM]:

Consecutive sacks, no bueno

NBSP [3:17 PM]:

@sgw94 is that due to just the overall higher levels of defense in the playoffs?

Ryan Van Bibber [3:17 PM]:

Greg Olsen doesn’t get enough credit

Stephen White [3:17 PM]:

Nice spin move

Stephen White [3:17 PM]:


Stephen White [3:16 PM]:

Seems like screens havent been as effective since the playoffs started.

Mark Ennis [3:15 PM]:

Man that is a Mike Shula special.

James Dator [3:15 PM]:

Sensible short passing, settling Newton after a few overthrows

NBSP [3:15 PM]:

The Panthers are certainly earning every single yard

Stephen White [3:15 PM]:

Nice pass to Lafell. That one was harder than it looked

Stephen White [3:13 PM]:

Big hit

Stephen White [3:12 PM]:

Even with the hold

Stephen White [3:12 PM]:

Better pass and thats six

Stephen White [3:12 PM]:

There is the x factor

James Dator [3:11 PM]:

Stephen White [3:11 PM]:

Of course the Panthers could just keep running it

Ryan Nanni [3:10 PM]:

Jim Harbaugh must be a terror at parent-teacher conferences.

Stephen White [3:09 PM]:

Cam sails a pass high again. He will be picked off again soon on one of those.

James Dator [3:09 PM]:

3rd 7:45
Stolen celebration 20
Angry fans 10

Stephen White [3:08 PM]:

Well duh, finally

NBSP [3:08 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Mike Tomlin eat your heart out

Mark Ennis [3:07 PM]:

Clay Wendler [3:05 PM]:

NBSP [3:05 PM]:

I’d say Kaepernick’s headphones are working

Stephen White [3:05 PM]:

Some masters level trolling from Kaep on that celebration

Clay Wendler [3:05 PM]:

James Dator [3:03 PM]:

Seems like the 49ers adjusted at halftime and the Panthers didn’t. Huge drive coming up

Stephen White [3:02 PM]:

Uhm Florence was hauling ass trying to make sure Kaep didnt beat him to the pylon. Effort wasnt the problem

Edson.Herman.14 [3:02 PM]:

TD Celebration GIF?..

unxknownxorigin [3:02 PM]:

3 peopel could have crushed him. wtf

Justyjay [3:01 PM]:

Kap is mocking Cam

Stephen White [3:01 PM]:

There it is

NBSP [3:01 PM]:


Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

Well that was unfortunate

Ryan Van Bibber [3:00 PM]:

uh oh, gonna miss having Mikell on the field

Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

All that blitzing, gotta pay the piper at some point

Stephen White [2:59 PM]:

And Kaep needs to run more too this half.

Stephen White [2:59 PM]:

49ers needed to get back to running the ball.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:58 PM]:

Harbaugh told Pam Oliver that the 49ers need to ramp up the intensity in the second half … this could be fun

Stephen White [2:57 PM]:

Keep feeding Boldin

Ryan Van Bibber [2:57 PM]:

@NBSP agreed

NBSP [2:57 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber They should just stop playing and call it right now

Ryan Van Bibber [2:57 PM]:

Stephen White [2:57 PM]:

James Dator [2:55 PM]:

@sgw94 Steve Smith and Greg Olsen bail him out a lot.

Stephen White [2:54 PM]:

Newton has gotten away with some bad ball placement all day except for the one int

unxknownxorigin [2:53 PM]:

whose responsible to count the men in the huddle? head ref?

Clay Wendler [2:46 PM]:

James Dator [2:43 PM]:

Angry coach 13
Angry players 10

unxknownxorigin [2:41 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Ref says to Jim, i told you not to wear cleats again… 15 yards

One Piece of Cake [2:41 PM]:

@James Dator Will Cam throw his laptop?

James Dator [2:41 PM]:

FloRida is the halftime entertainment, so there’s that.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:39 PM]:


Clay Wendler [2:39 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [2:38 PM]:

Secretary of Balloon Doggies [2:36 PM]:

@JohnnyGentle Heck with that. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

JohnnyGentle [2:36 PM]:

Everybody involved in this game needs to take a few deep breaths and listen to some smooth jazz over halftime.

Stephen White [2:36 PM]:

Panthers dominate most of the half but will likely be down 3 at halftime

Edson.Herman.14 [2:34 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [2:34 PM]:


Mark Ennis [2:33 PM]:

Hahahaa, Boldin is the one telling Harbaugh to calm down.

Secretary of Balloon Doggies [2:33 PM]:

Yeah that’s a catch

Stephen White [2:33 PM]:

Genius but still an idiot

Stephen White [2:33 PM]:

Harbaugh is an idiot

Brett Stover [2:33 PM]:

That’s a touchdown.

Edson.Herman.14 [2:33 PM]:

Out nvm

Ryan Van Bibber [2:32 PM]:

Catch or no?

Mark Ennis [2:32 PM]:

Dude that’s a touchdown.

Stephen White [2:32 PM]:

TD. He blind as hell

James Dator [2:32 PM]:

That looks like a TD

JohnnyGentle [2:32 PM]:

Wait, that’s a catch!

Edson.Herman.14 [2:32 PM]:


JohnnyGentle [2:32 PM]:


Stephen White [2:32 PM]:

“Tired of watching it”? Im going to have to watch the rest of this on mucte

Edson.Herman.14 [2:31 PM]:

Run right

Secretary of Balloon Doggies [2:31 PM]:

The te on previous play had o pi

Ryan Nanni [2:31 PM]:

Well, yeah.

Stephen White [2:31 PM]:

That was definitely PI. 49ers better run it in here

Secretary of Balloon Doggies [2:30 PM]:

Also easily could have been a pick

Mark Ennis [2:30 PM]:

They didn’t complete the pass, but, that was the best blitz pickup the 49ers have had all day.

Stephen White [2:30 PM]:

PI but uncalled

Edson.Herman.14 [2:30 PM]:

Good play

Stephen White [2:30 PM]:

Lester has played a lot and will hit

Stephen White [2:29 PM]:

Catchable but pass too low

Stephen White [2:28 PM]:

From Boldin each and every week? So Boldin gets a lot of penalties now? Mannnnn stfu

James Dator [2:27 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Offensive line play is the biggest difference. Defenders aren’t finishing sacks on both sides like they did in Week 10.

Secretary of Balloon Doggies [2:26 PM]:

That’s why you do the soccer reaction

Mark Ennis [2:26 PM]:

If you’re gonna flag Carolina for it you have to call it the other way

Matt Ufford [2:25 PM]:

So headbutting is a penalty when the Panthers do it, but not the Niners?

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

Come on boldin, shouldve been flagged on head butt

Ryan Nanni [2:25 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [2:25 PM]:

@James Dator is this game like the last SF/CAR game? Seems like the offenses are moving the chains better, even if the points aren’t there

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

Hardy got held on that play and still almost got a sack

Charlie Gebow [2:24 PM]:

@Justyjay Yeah, Roy Campanella gets no respect

Justyjay [2:24 PM]:

Crabtree is no way the best catcher in the game

Stephen White [2:24 PM]:

What a catch by Crab

JohnnyGentle [2:23 PM]:

Nice grab. Niners missed that this year.

Stephen White [2:23 PM]:

Kaep shouldve run there imo

James Dator [2:22 PM]:

Tattoos 6
Laptops 10

unxknownxorigin [2:20 PM]:

I miss watching boldin on the Cardinals

Stephen White [2:20 PM]:

Fastest half in recent memory

Stephen White [2:19 PM]:

More pressure and Boldin gets the first down

Stephen White [2:19 PM]:

Or….eff it go all in on read option. Gotta get kaep going

Stephen White [2:18 PM]:

Keeo feeding Boldin here if youre San Fran

James Dator [2:18 PM]:

Boldin is getting open a lot, Kaepernick finally finds him

Raymie Humbert [2:18 PM]:

That leap is gorgeous though. It’s like Ahmad is a pouncing lion or something.

Clay Wendler [2:17 PM]:

Raymie Humbert [2:16 PM]:

At the time she was at UVa, but now she’s at my university

Mark Ennis [2:15 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [2:15 PM]:

@Raymie Humbert I get that in reverse. Nobody expects me to be an elite athletic tal(throws out back)

Stephen White [2:13 PM]:

Cam took off from Shotgun and went jordan come fly with me over the Bucs a few weeks ago for a TD. Dont understand why they arent trying it today so far

Clay Wendler [2:13 PM]:

Raymie Humbert [2:13 PM]:

Every time I think of Ahmad Brooks I think of one of his teachers, who also taught me English last semester. Brooks apparently said a lot of people thought that since he was an athlete he wasn’t a good writer

Clay Wendler [2:13 PM]:

Charlie Gebow [2:12 PM]:

Mike Shula is really good at planning Goal Line defenses

Ryan Van Bibber [2:12 PM]:

well this is one helluva game

Rodger Sherman [2:12 PM]:

why wouldn’t they go for it?

JohnnyGentle [2:12 PM]:

Ugh, Panthers. Maybe try something out of the shotgun instead of running it up the middle?

Mark Ennis [2:12 PM]:

A replay of that Cam Newton flop.

Stephen White [2:12 PM]:

Brooks has been great at the goalline

Stephen White [2:11 PM]:

Wish they would shut the hell up with this injury stuff. Its win or go home, most QBs get lauded for putting it all on the line and doing whatever it takes to win

unxknownxorigin [2:11 PM]:

I just heard the NBA is fining Newton 5,000$ for the flop.

Charlie Gebow [2:11 PM]:

Cam Newton: Italian Soccer Player

Mark Ennis [2:11 PM]:

Hahahaha that Cam flop!

Oscar Gamble [2:11 PM]:

Can someone ask Andrew Luck if he’s forgotten that game yesterday, inquiring for Peter King

Ryan Nanni [2:11 PM]:

You gotta throw that flag because he didn’t stick the landing.

tmoseley20 [2:10 PM]:

lmao that flop was amazing

unxknownxorigin [2:10 PM]:

he aint polamalu!

Charlie Gebow [2:10 PM]:


JohnnyGentle [2:10 PM]:


Stephen White [2:10 PM]:

Thought Cam should have made it a footrace outside

Stephen White [2:09 PM]:

Cam sweep left. 49ers run very similar play

Ryan Nanni [2:09 PM]:

2nd and goal from the one? Well, surely this can’t end poorly.

Justyjay [2:09 PM]:

@Raymie Humbert true, but you can’t say they weren’t hot the because they just came off a huge win over the Giants

Raymie Humbert [2:09 PM]:

@unxknownxorigin I believe so

unxknownxorigin [2:08 PM]:

@Raymie Humbert yes it was. after that loss they won every game except against the Saints right?

Justyjay [2:08 PM]:

@unxknownxorigin The Cardinals dominated them.

Raymie Humbert [2:08 PM]:

@unxknownxorigin That was a very different Panthers team

JohnnyGentle [2:08 PM]:

Cam’s spirals are as pretty as Brees’ were ugly yesterday.

Mark Ennis [2:08 PM]:

Joey Galloway said Warren Moon told him it’s your job to beat the corner and it’s my job to beat the safety. That’s what Cam just did on that seam route.

Stephen White [2:08 PM]:

49ers look like theyre on the ropes already on defense

James Dator [2:07 PM]:

That INT was a huge blemish, but I’ve never seen so many on-target touch passes from Newton

unxknownxorigin [2:07 PM]:

i was fortunate enough to see Cam and the Panthers play my Cardinals this season… even though the Cards beat them i was impressed

Stephen White [2:07 PM]:

Olsen up the seam

Ryan Van Bibber [2:07 PM]:

good gawd. Cam Newton is just putting on a show here today

Mark Ennis [2:07 PM]:

Oh what a throw.

JohnnyGentle [2:07 PM]:

B-eautiful throw.

unxknownxorigin [2:07 PM]:

turf souvenier

Mark Ennis [2:06 PM]:

Cam is so long and lanky he does that leaning fake while he runs and it completely fools people.

Stephen White [2:05 PM]:

Disrespectful rushing Cam with three.

Stephen White [2:05 PM]:

Another off target pass

Stephen White [2:04 PM]:

How exactly in the hell was he supposed to “protect himself” on that play?!

James Dator [2:04 PM]:

49ers making sure Newton takes big shots when he keeps it

Justyjay [2:04 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber yay cards!

Ryan Van Bibber [2:03 PM]:

Stephen White [2:02 PM]:

Id expect to see it in the redzone today too

Stephen White [2:02 PM]:

Panthers kept using that play at the end of the season but Cam never ever pulled it even when it was open

Rodger Sherman [2:02 PM]:

@James Dator it’s a gimmick tho it can never work

James Dator [2:01 PM]:

Option pitches in the NFL make me happy

Stephen White [2:01 PM]:

Goodness Tarrell Brown, dont just stand there lol

Ryan Van Bibber [2:01 PM]:

damn that was a pretty play

Mark Ennis [2:01 PM]:

LaFell lowered the boom!

Stephen White [2:00 PM]:

49ers arent getting much pressure with 4

Mark Ennis [1:59 PM]:

Stephen White [1:59 PM]:

@James Dator makes sense. Crab is the one guy you expect to beat man so maybe he is staying eith that read too long without actually pulling the trigger. He should be looking for Boldin imo because covered or not he makes plays against man

Stephen White [1:57 PM]:

49ers better figure out their blitz protection as well as their site adjust routes. Somebody has to beat man to man, get Vernon Davis on a go route or something

James Dator [1:57 PM]:

@sgw94 Melvin White is struggling, but it seems like Kaepernick is going to Crabtree first, missing the matchup then the blitz is getting there

LukeFrom2011 [1:57 PM]:

For a second there I thought that refs would defend Kaep like he was Tom Brady

Mark Ennis [1:57 PM]:

unxknownxorigin [1:56 PM]:

they got back there fast

Stephen White [1:56 PM]:

Pressure again. Thing is with all these blitzes the Panthers have to be going man at times. So who isnt winning?

unxknownxorigin [1:55 PM]:

@willmacklinshow i dont hate women or my wife.

Clay Wendler [1:55 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [1:54 PM]:

Stephen White [1:54 PM]:

Boldin with the back shoulder fade. Panthers sent pressure again

Justyjay [1:54 PM]:

I liked Anquan better in Arizona.

James Dator [1:54 PM]:

Great back shoulder to Boldin, on Melvin White once again.

willmacklinshow [1:53 PM]:

@unxknownxorigin Misogyny has no place in football.

JohnnyGentle [1:53 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Beautiful throw. Led him by 20 yards.

Matt Ufford [1:53 PM]:

Great job by Smith not putting his arms out until last possible moment. DB late getting his arms up bc of it.

Justyjay [1:53 PM]:

Riverboat should have onside kicked it

Clay Wendler [1:53 PM]:

Mark Ennis [1:52 PM]:

unxknownxorigin [1:51 PM]:

i missed the TD cuz my wife was yelling at me for something stupid

Justyjay [1:51 PM]:

@luketheduke03 or god is Cam Newton

Ryan Nanni [1:51 PM]:

2nd 13:40

Mark Ennis [1:50 PM]:

LukeFrom2011 [1:50 PM]:

Can Newton is a god

tmoseley20 [1:50 PM]:


Stephen White [1:50 PM]:

Helluva throw too

willmacklinshow [1:50 PM]:

Amazing throw.

Clay Wendler [1:50 PM]:

James Dator [1:50 PM]:

Steve Smith seems to be doing okay

Mark Ennis [1:50 PM]:

(and catch)

Ryan Van Bibber [1:50 PM]:

Mandatory: Ice Up, Son

Stephen White [1:50 PM]:


cbenti60 [1:50 PM]:

So #Blessed

Mark Ennis [1:49 PM]:

My God that throw.

Justyjay [1:49 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [1:49 PM]:


Stephen White [1:49 PM]:


Justyjay [1:49 PM]:

I don’t know why I keep saying y’all

Justyjay [1:49 PM]:

So, are y’all Panther fans

Mark Ennis [1:49 PM]:

Man Ginn can run. Can’t do much else, but he can run.

Justyjay [1:49 PM]:


Stephen White [1:49 PM]:

Ginn with the big return

Rodger Sherman [1:48 PM]:

this is why you go for it on fourth-and-1 at the one. even if you miss…

Ryan Nanni [1:48 PM]:

Punters gotta hate this shit.

Justyjay [1:48 PM]:

Hoh my ghohd

cbenti60 [1:48 PM]:

that was close to a TAINT

Stephen White [1:48 PM]:

Soooooo close to a pick six

Brett Stover [1:48 PM]:

@JohnnyGentle the call’s okay anyway

cbenti60 [1:48 PM]:

Oh wow

JohnnyGentle [1:47 PM]:

If the Panthers get a stop here, that call’s okay.

James Dator [1:46 PM]:

I don’t hate the play, but hate it against those linebackers in that formation

cbenti60 [1:46 PM]:

Sometimes when you are riverboat Ron, you get lost in the rapids.

Mark Ennis [1:46 PM]:

Man, somewhere Bianchi is writing his column on how Tebow would’ve punched that in.

Stephen White [1:46 PM]:

Helluva tackle by Brooks

Ryan Van Bibber [1:45 PM]:

why not give it to Tolbert there?

Charlie Gebow [1:45 PM]:

Always feels like there could be better playcalls than that in those situations

Stephen White [1:45 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [1:45 PM]:

no dice

Justyjay [1:45 PM]:

Get a safety then, Panthers

Stephen White [1:45 PM]:


Mark Ennis [1:44 PM]:

From @WillBrinson

Ryan Nanni [1:44 PM]:

@cbenti60 He’s technically working off a prison sentence. Don’t ever go to Panama City, man.

Stephen White [1:44 PM]:

@Mark Ennis they always do that stuff against the Bucs and it always works

cbenti60 [1:44 PM]:

@Mark Ennis The ol’ diamond formation

Matt Ufford [1:44 PM]:

@Mark Ennis JUMP PASS

Justyjay [1:44 PM]:

Don’t rock the boat

Mark Ennis [1:44 PM]:

Carolina could use the goal line stuff Florida and Denver used with Tebow. Either bunched up power stuff and let Cam take the snap from shotgun and power it in.

James Dator [1:43 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [1:43 PM]:

perfect timing, a whole commercial break to talk about Riverboat Ron

willmacklinshow [1:43 PM]:

Fake FG please.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:42 PM]:

@Mark Ennis good point. thanks!

cbenti60 [1:42 PM]:

Wait, how the hell does Ufford not have a featured contributor star?

Justyjay [1:42 PM]:


Justyjay [1:42 PM]:

Go for it

tmoseley20 [1:42 PM]:

Definitely go for it

Stephen White [1:42 PM]:

Big stop by the 49ers. How fast did that quarter fly by?

Brett Stover [1:42 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [1:42 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [1:42 PM]:

(blows riverboat horn)

Matt Ufford [1:42 PM]:


Mark Ennis [1:42 PM]:

James Dator [1:42 PM]:

Tolbert or Cam, who’s it going to be here?

Stephen White [1:41 PM]:

Why didnt they run that from shotgun?!

Mark Ennis [1:41 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber they have thing built into their offenses that play off their bread and butter stuff that punishes overpursuit. And in lots of different ways.

Stephen White [1:41 PM]:

Wow Willis almost got knocked out on that tackle attempt

Ryan Nanni [1:40 PM]:

Cam Newton/Marshawn Lynch backfield. That’s how we’ll beat the Russians once and for all.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:40 PM]:

@Mark Ennis explain

Stephen White [1:40 PM]:

Cam with the read option run for another first down.

Justyjay [1:40 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber I hear he cooks the best speed

Mark Ennis [1:40 PM]:

Both of these offenses really do nice things with constraint plays. Really hard on defenses.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:39 PM]:

there’s that Tedd Ginn Sppeedd

Stephen White [1:39 PM]:

Ginn with the swing pass for a first down

James Dator [1:38 PM]:

@Mark Ennis He keeps my NFL dream alive

Mark Ennis [1:38 PM]:

I’m not convinced that throw was intended for Smith,.

Stephen White [1:38 PM]:

Great protection but why are two guys in the same area again?

Mark Ennis [1:37 PM]:

I love that Tolbert looks like a fan who won a contest that allows him to dress for an actual game.

Charlie Gebow [1:37 PM]:

This is a SmashMouth football game… in the sense that it was really popular 15 years ago, but nobody canquite tell you why.

Justyjay [1:35 PM]:

And that’s what happened

Stephen White [1:35 PM]:

Justyjay [1:35 PM]:

@Run Home Jack “OK” Friendship headbutt

eightyseven [1:35 PM]:

so early

James Dator [1:35 PM]:

A lot of supercilious “act like you’ve been there before” chatter, but the Panthers haven’t, barely any of them have — which is why they’re more emotion than anything right now

Cyd Zeigler [1:35 PM]:

All of this post-play stuff from the Panthers came from somebody. Wonder what was said.

Ryan Nanni [1:34 PM]:


Justyjay [1:34 PM]:

I hate teams with good kickers.

Mark Ennis [1:34 PM]:

Maaaan Carolina is doing a TON of talking.

Stephen White [1:34 PM]:

Bad pass by Kaep on 3rd down. Crab was open

Stephen White [1:33 PM]:

Come on Patton, dont be the nail lol

Clay Wendler [1:33 PM]:

Justyjay [1:33 PM]:

Me thinks Crabtree is overrated

Justyjay [1:32 PM]:

@Rodger Sherman you should play basketball

Stephen White [1:32 PM]:

Harbaugh getting cute again

Mark Ennis [1:32 PM]:

Hasn’t been the smartest first quarter for the Carolina defense. You don’t have to do this stuff.

Stephen White [1:32 PM]:

Now that was a weak call. Panthers gotta calm down though

Justyjay [1:32 PM]:

Not smart

Stephen White [1:31 PM]:

That should open things up for Gore a little as the game goes on

Rodger Sherman [1:31 PM]:

@Justyjay I jumped up and hit a box and this came out and now i’m 13 feet tall

Stephen White [1:31 PM]:

Kaep with the pull on read option

Ryan Van Bibber [1:31 PM]:

@Justyjay featured contributors, our regular crew here

cbenti60 [1:31 PM]:

@Clefo Well…. crap

Clay Wendler [1:31 PM]:

cbenti60 [1:31 PM]:

@Justyjay They’re the guys who write and work here

Stephen White [1:30 PM]:

Or blackburn whatever lol

Charlie Gebow [1:30 PM]:

@cbenti60 But he was at Florida first, which seems to be a counter-blessing

Stephen White [1:30 PM]:

But penalty on Kuechly

Ryan Van Bibber [1:30 PM]:

Justyjay [1:30 PM]:

Why do y’all have stars next to your names

Stephen White [1:30 PM]:


cbenti60 [1:29 PM]:

Lest us not forget that Cammy Cam went to Auburn… therefore, so #Blessed

Stephen White [1:29 PM]:

Panther blitzing more than im used to seeing them do it

James Dator [1:28 PM]:

Horrible throw, but also a question why LaFell and Ginn were in the same place

Mark Ennis [1:27 PM]:

Newton had a little press, threw that entirely on one leg.

Stephen White [1:27 PM]:

Bad pass behind Lafell

Justyjay [1:27 PM]:

I jinxed it

Mark Ennis [1:27 PM]:

Man that’s just fantastic awareness.

Oh No Romo [1:27 PM]:

Yikes, bad tip

Stephen White [1:26 PM]:

Tip drill

Ryan Nanni [1:26 PM]:

@Justyjay Well now look what you did.

Stephen White [1:26 PM]:

Pass blocking looking good so far for Carolina

Justyjay [1:25 PM]:

Newton > Kaepernick

Ryan Van Bibber [1:25 PM]:


49ers FB Tukuafu injured vs. Panthers

The big fullback had a nasty-looking injury on the game’s opening possession.

James Dator [1:25 PM]:

Look for a Mike Tolbert run off tackle, if I had to guess

Clay Wendler [1:25 PM]:


Stephen White [1:25 PM]:

Smitty already getting it going lol

Ryan Nanni [1:24 PM]:

@James Dator (calls dive for Warrick Dunn) (calls off tackle for Mike Alstott)

James Dator [1:23 PM]:

It’s Mike Shula’s time to shine!

Stephen White [1:22 PM]:

Ginn could very easily be the hero or the goat today. The Panthers will get chances to go up top to him today several times. But he has also been known to shrink in pressure situations at times. If he makes a few of those catches….

Ryan Nanni [1:19 PM]:

@unxknownxorigin I mean, he won Rookie of the Year, so.

Stephen White [1:18 PM]:

True key was Johnson coming unblocked forcing Kaep up into Kuechly

James Dator [1:18 PM]:

Kuechly’s biggest improvement this year has been in pass rushing.

Mark Ennis [1:18 PM]:

They’ve had unblocked rushers on several blitzes but that one finally got home.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:18 PM]:

the Panthers LBs deserve a collective DPOY award

unxknownxorigin [1:18 PM]:

was keuchly this good last year and no one knew abotu him?

Ryan Nanni [1:18 PM]:

Put Bill Romanowski in the 2014 NFL and he’ll rack up enough fines to become the world’s 27th largest country by GDP.

Charlie Gebow [1:18 PM]:

Colin Sackedernick?

Stephen White [1:18 PM]:

Brought pressure again, wide man unblocked

Rodger Sherman [1:17 PM]:

cam newton hasn’t even thrown a TD yet. what a FRAUD

unxknownxorigin [1:17 PM]:

Gore hasnt done anythign since week 16

Mark Ennis [1:17 PM]:

Not a good decision nor was it a good throw.

Stephen White [1:16 PM]:

Ball had hit the ground before he hit him

Stephen White [1:15 PM]:

Why make that hit 21?!

James Dator [1:15 PM]:

That’s a ridiculous flag

Stephen White [1:15 PM]:


Clay Wendler [1:14 PM]:

James Dator [1:14 PM]:

I have no clue how, but good news

Rodger Sherman [1:13 PM]:

this is ufford’s fault. he predicted death:

James Dator [1:13 PM]:

Captain Munnerlyn did the same thing on both plays, dragging down with his full body weight. Sidelined Crabtree now that injury to the fullback

Rodger Sherman [1:12 PM]:

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan why’d they have to do the fullback like that

Stephen White [1:12 PM]:

Damn dont show that!

Mark Ennis [1:12 PM]:

That looked bad. His foot planted in the ground as he was going down. Ouch.

Stephen White [1:12 PM]:

He went down real bad.

James Dator [1:11 PM]:

Greg Hardy at the center of pushing and shoving, because of course he is

Stephen White [1:11 PM]:

@Mark Ennis I think by design but he really affected the throw

Ryan Nanni [1:11 PM]:

ADVANCED STAT: The 49ers are on pace to have the ball for the entire game. This would cause problems for the Carolina offense.

James Dator [1:11 PM]:

Smart play by Kaepernick to drop it off instead of trying to run it in

Stephen White [1:11 PM]:

Kaep draws up the defender then hits Gore for the first. He usually puts too much mustard on those

Mark Ennis [1:10 PM]:

@sgw94 did SF let that rusher come unblocked by design since it was a swing out or did someone just mess up?

Stephen White [1:10 PM]:

Panthers brought pressure

Ryan Van Bibber [1:09 PM]:

Quinton Patton took over as unofficial MC at the Rookie Premiere last May … and he owned it too

Stephen White [1:09 PM]:

Pistol read option early

Dan Rubenstein [1:09 PM]:

Rooting Quinton Patton, easily the strangest, funniest guy at our NFLPA event in may

James Dator [1:09 PM]:

That’s the matchup 49ers should exploit all day: Whoever on UDFA Melvin White.

Stephen White [1:08 PM]:

What a bullet to Patton for the first

Ryan Van Bibber [1:08 PM]:

damn, now Crabtree hurting

Mark Ennis [1:08 PM]:

Really curious if the losing QB today has a legion of writers that apologize for his play tomorrow like we had with Andrew Luck.

Stephen White [1:08 PM]:

Panthers are playing angry so far on defense.

Stephen White [1:07 PM]:

If your knee is messed up you cant play DLine. Just is what it is.

James Dator [1:07 PM]:

Johnson looks in a lot of pain. He didn’t make the pro bowl, but is Carolina’s best pass rusher

LukeFrom2011 [1:07 PM]:

And he’s down

Ryan Van Bibber [1:07 PM]:

Oh shit, not Charles JOhnson

Stephen White [1:07 PM]:

But is now hurt smh

Stephen White [1:07 PM]:

Well damn, Johnson laid the wood to him

Jon Bois [1:07 PM]:

should be interesting to see what the results of the games will be, how long they will last, and what sorts of different uniforms will be worn

Ryan Nanni [1:06 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Andrew Luck?

Clay Wendler [1:06 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [1:06 PM]:


Dan Rubenstein [1:05 PM]:

@Run Home Jack met ufford to give him the mic for lookit video, picked up morgan’s for lil bro and myself — brisket tacos for me, chopped beef sand for him, also grabbed him a gorilla coffee shake so he could enjoy his niners

James Dator [1:04 PM]:

Greg Hardy went crazy coming out of the tunnel and bumped into a band member, so there’s that

Ryan Nanni [1:04 PM]:

@druben what’s for lunch today, dan?

Clay Wendler [1:03 PM]:

nobody likes you peter

Dan Rubenstein [1:03 PM]:

sup bruhs

Ryan Van Bibber [1:02 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [1:02 PM]:

In case you’re undecided …

Clay Wendler [1:01 PM]:

hope this guy plays taps at the end of the game

James Dator [1:01 PM]:

Trumpet anthems rule

Oh No Romo [1:01 PM]:

Where’s the ice?

Ryan Nanni [1:00 PM]:


James Dator [12:59 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber I’d prefer it to the 2 minutes of “cousin love and mason jars” FOX did

Stephen White [12:59 PM]:

So many narratives!!!

Ryan Van Bibber [12:58 PM]:

You guys ready for four hours+ of “Ice Up” jokes that will never get old?

Ryan Nanni [12:58 PM]:


James Dator [12:57 PM]: