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Jim Harbaugh loses his mind, flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct

We have peak Harbaugh.

SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

I wrote last night that Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh are the undisputed top two GIF-able coaches in the NFL. The order depends on your personal preference for the coach freakout over a call, or the coach smug sideline strut. Carroll's strut was in full effect on Saturday, and now it's Harbaugh's turn. The Niners coach was so apoplectic over a late incomplete ruling that he bolted onto the field and incurred a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct:


Harbaugh was so angry that even Anquan Boldin, the wide receiver who was just head-butting and jawing after almost every play on the drive, tried to calm down his coach on the sideline.


Harbaugh was eventually proven correct, as the refs did overturn the initial call and ruled a Vernon Davis catch a touchdown to put the Niners ahead at the half. After the review, we got a shot of a much more … happy (?) Harbaugh.


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