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NFL plays of the week: A good week for failure

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The NFL Divisional playoff round featured some white-hot action and inexplicable failure.

Grant Halverson

Three games remain in the NFL season and it feels like it all ended far too quickly. Somewhere in the near future you'll need to remember these moments to get you through the drought, like the only magazine at a doctor's office.

Ahmad Brooks needs to fly


There's a lot going on here.

Let's start with the obvious. We like the attempt by Ahmad Brooks, even if it didn't go according to plan. The guy gave it the old college try, and honestly we don't see players leap over an offensive line very often -- let alone almost land on their feet.

The star, however, is Cam Newton for a performance worthy only of a public access Emmy. A delayed flop is bad enough, but Newton found a way of defying physics by being pushed in the back and somehow falling against momentum.

It's a dead heat. Just two chaps trying to do their best and both failing.

The art of whiffing


This GIF is great for two reasons. Firstly, it's impressive how the Saints allowed a gap the size of a Buick to open in their defensive line and secondly, how the one player capable of making a stop fails so miserably.

By the time the linebacker closes his arms to make the tackle, Marshawn Lynch has already gained two yards. It's all so beautiful.


The NFL Divisional round is far better remembered for the sour, rather than the sweet. Instead of highlighting one of the week's best failures, there were too many to appreciate.

Awww, nuts

The game between New Orleans and Seattle gave us two shots to the groin. They need no other description.



Eric Decker's nemesis


The Denver Broncos are on their way to the AFC Championship, and there's only one thing that can stop Eric Decker -- the open road.

We've all tripped over our feet before, but rarely does it happen with millions watching. The best part is Decker's wistful gaze back to the oncoming defenders.

Marques Colston, All-Pro quarterback


Giving one more chance to your All-Pro quarterback is overrated, right Marques?

OK, so he probably thought time had expired -- but it's kind of your job as a receiver to have an amazing internal clock. Moreover, this is an illegal play even if it was a good pass, which it wasn't.

Old Yeller



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