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Floyd Mayweather may have bet $10 million on the Denver Broncos

Anyone out there looking for an excuse to root for the Seahawks?

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SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

Reports are starting to surface out of Las Vegas that Floyd Mayweather is a real jerk who makes me hella-jealous. According to numerous gambling websites, Mayweather laid $10.4 MILLION on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl and cover the two-point spread. It's important to note that these reports are coming from gambling information networks, not from Floyd himself, so maybe take them with a grain of salt.

There are other reports that Floyd put $3 million on the Broncos to cover (-.5) at HALFTIME.

The five-division world champion has been known to wager large sums on sporting events, having won $400k betting on Alabama in last year's national title game. There were also reports that he put $3 million on Michigan to cover against Alabama earlier that season.

That's a far cry from dropping seven zeros on a single game. Even for a guy who has made over $350 million in his career, betting $10 million on a single game like this, if true, is one of the most stupid and ballsy things I've ever heard of. Floyd can do what he wants with his money, but that won't stop me from rooting for the Seahawks out of pure unadulterated jealousy that one man has enough cash to do this.

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