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Super Bowl XLVIII: Wes Welker welcomes matchup against Richard Sherman

Welker isn't backing away from his opportunity to take on Sherman this Sunday. The two could be matched up often during the Super Bowl.

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Wes Welker was asked about Richard Sherman at Super Bow Media Day on Tuesday because ... well, of course he was. Deion Sanders tracked down the Denver Broncos wide receiver for and asked him about matching up against the most prominent member of the Seattle Seahawks' Legion of Boom. Welker appears to be looking forward to Sunday and facing Sherman.

"Yeah, anytime, man," Welker said. "I want anybody one-on-one in the slot. Anytime."

Welker's comments were hardly incendiary, though he did have some advice for the cornerback, saying that the cornerback should "quit doing one-on-ones" for interviews, adding, "Stick to the field, man, stick to the field."

Sherman may have to man up on Welker at some point. Sherman confirmed at Media Day that he will be covering the left side of the field, and will not be shadowing Demaryius Thomas unless alignment dictates he needs to. That means Welker and Eric Decker should see their share of reps against perhaps the most talked-about man in New York City this week.

Seattle's vaunted Cover 3 defense could give the Broncos fits. Then again, Welker has staked his career on being one of the best zone destroyers the NFL has ever seen.

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