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Parys Haralson injury: Saints LB could have torn pectoral muscle

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If true, he is unlikely to return in the playoffs.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

New Orleans linebacker Parys Haralson may have a torn pectoral muscle after an injury suffered during Saturday's wild card win against the Eagles, Ian Rapoport is reporting.

Haralson suffered the injury after tackling Jason Avant near the first half, and received hearty boos from a Philadelphia crowd who presumably thought he was faking it.

The Saints will next travel to face the Seahawks on January 11, and Haralson's status is as of yet unknown for the contest. If the injury truly is a torn pectoral muscle, he will likely not play again until next season.

In his first season with the Saints, Haralson played with the 49ers for seven seasons before being traded to New Orleans. He started eight regular season games for the team, recording 31 tackles, three-and-a-half sacks and a pass deflection.

New Orleans is the sixth seed in the NFC, and is not considered likely to make a deep playoff run. Without Haralson, that task is now even more difficult.

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