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NFL referee Jeff Triplette happily asserts to the Bengals fans that he's louder and has final say

Andy Dalton made a mistake, but the fans didn't want to hear it. Well, Triplette doesn't care about what they want.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

In the third quarter of the Bengals' playoff matchup against the Chargers on Sunday, quarterback Andy Dalton dove to the ground untouched and let the ball squirt out for an unassisted fumble that was recovered by San Diego. It was a very unfortunate error for a team that hasn't won a playoff game since 1990, but it was clear that Dalton made another mistake and basically gave the ball over to the Chargers.

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It was pretty clear in the review and replay that Dalton fumbled it away, without question, and that's what referee Jeff Triplette was trying to explain to the Cincinnati fans.

Except that they haven't won a playoff game in almost a quarter-century, Jeff. They don't care about your "rules." Fans booed before he was finished and you never interrupt Jeff Triplette.

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