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Packers were offsides on near block of game-winning field goal

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A penalty would have nullified a blocked kick by Packers cornerback Davon House.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

While the FOX Sports telecast made the nearly blocked game-winning field goal by 49ers kicker Phil Dawson seem like a close call, it really was not. In fact, cornerback Davon House was flagged for an offsides penalty on the attempted block. House crossed the line of scrimmage prior to the snap, which allowed him to nearly block the field goal attempt by Dawson.

The 33-yard field goal by Dawson gave the 49ers a 23-20 win. If House had not been penalized and had a Subway $5 footlong in his hands, the block would have sent the game to overtime. So really, while it may have appeared close, the attempt would not have counted even if it was successful in real time. The penalty would have moved the 49ers into a 28-yard field goal attempt and it would have been easier to execute for Dawson.


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