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NFL refutes playoff expansion rumor of new wild card teams

Dan Patrick is reporting the league will expand the playoff system, though team owners have yet to ratify the move.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is planning to expand the current playoff system by adding one wild card team to each division, according to Dan Patrick.

The NFL denied a decision has been reached in a Monday morning statement.

"There been no such decision. It would require a vote of the clubs and it has not yet been taken up with them. If it's taken up this year, it would happen at the annual meeting in March. The agenda for the meeting has not been formulated."

Jason La Conforta of CBS Sports speculated that Patrick could have inside information that enough owners are in support of the move to vote it through.

The addition would expand the current 12-team field to 14, with seven teams on each side of the bracket. The specifics of how the odd number of teams in each conference would be dealt with is unknown, but there seems to be two options. Either a play-in game between the bottom two wild card teams could be added or the No. 2 seed could be stripped of its first-round bye.

An expanded bracket has been something the league has been considering for some time now. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, whose team has been on the wrong side of the playoff bubble for three consecutive seasons, voiced his support of the move over the weekend.

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