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NFL playoffs 2014: Referee assignments for Divisional Round games

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Here is the list of referees assigned to each Divisional Round game this week.


The referee assignments for the 2014 Divisional Round have been decided. Either one of these four crews will go on to work the Super Bowl this year. There aren't as many familiar names as football fans are used to, but some of the refs have been involved in some memorable incidents, for better or worse.

Here is the list of ref assignments, via Football Zebras. The full officiating crews have yet to be announced.

Saints vs. Seahawks -- Terry McAulay

13th year as referee, 13th playoff assignment

McAulay served as the ref for Super Bowls XXXIX and XLIII. He's also the coordinator of officials for the American Athletic Conference. McAulay was the ref during the infamous Bottlegate incident in Cleveland in 2001.

Colts vs. Patriots -- Pete Morelli

12th year as referee, 14th playoff assignment

Morelli was a field judge during Super Bowl XXXVI. As referee, he has seen his fair share of playoff controversy. Morelli reffed the 2006 AFC divisional game between the Colts and Steelers, in which he determined that Troy Polamalu did not make a crucial interception. The NFL refuted his call the next day. Morelli was also the ref in the 2009 NFC Championship Game between the Vikings and Saints, where an illegal hit below the knees on Brett Favre was not flagged. That play was later used as evidence in the Saints' bounty scandal.

49ers vs. Panthers -- Carl Cheffers

Sixth season as referee, eight playoff assignment

A relative newcomer to the officiating ranks, Cheffers joined the NFL in 2000 and has yet to work a Super Bowl. His refereeing career has been largely without incident so far.

Chargers vs. Broncos -- Clete Blakeman

Fourth season as referee, third playoff assignment

Blakeman has also yet to work a Super Bowl yet. He was involved in one of the more controversial games of 2013 between the Patriots and Panthers. On the final play of the game, Tom Brady threw an interception, but Luke Kuechley got flagged for a potential pass interference. After an official conference, the flag got picked up, sealing the win for the Panthers. Mike Pereira believes that the penalty should have stood.

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