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Titans interview Mike Zimmer for head coach

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Long-standing defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer could find a head coaching job in 2014.

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The Tennessee Titans have completed an interview with Mike Zimmer for the team's vacant head coaching job, according to the organization's official Twitter account.

Zimmer has been perennially rumored for vacant coaching jobs, but the long-standing defensive coordinator has not progressed beyond interviews. Zimmer has been instrumental in shaping the Cincinnati Bengals into one of the league's top defenses, finishing in the top five in total yards, rushing and passing yards -- while totaling 43.0 sacks.

The Titans are looking to move in a different direction after firing Mike Munchak earlier this week. Shifting from him to Zimmer would be a move not only from offense to defense, but a shift in coaching with Munchak's background being as an offensive line coach while Zimmer spent the early parts of his career working with defensive backs.

Tennessee has also been linked to Jay Gruden, who was hired by Washington on Thursday as well as Jim Caldwell of the Baltimore Ravens.

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