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Aaron Rodgers' fake spike helps Packers beat Dolphins

The Packers eked out a win in the closing minute against the Dolphins thanks to a gutty final series featuring a big fourth-down conversion, a fake spike, and a TD in the closing seconds.

The Dolphins made the fake spike famous, as Dan Marino led his team to a win over the Jets in 1994. Today, the Packers used it to take them down.

The Packers moved the ball into enemy territory trailing, 24-20, but a completion to Randall Cobb left the Packers with a running clock, 15 yards to the end zone, and under 30 seconds left in the game with no timeouts. The situation called for a spike, and Rodgers rushed up to the line. Except instead of chucking it at the ground, he held onto the ball, looked up, and delivered the ball to Davante Adams, who sprinted down to the 3-yard-line, a gain of 12:


That left Green Bay on the Dolphins' doorstep, and on the next play, Rodgers tossed it to Andrew Quarless for a game-winning TD: