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Washington owner sitting with president of Navajo Nation

At the team's game against the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona, Washington owner Daniel Snyder was spotted on Fox sitting with Ben Shelly, the president of the Navajo Nation. Snyder has been under fire from many because of the racial connotations of the team's name.

The Navajo Nation covers more than 27,000 miles, the largest land area assigned primarily to an Indian reservation in the United States. Shelly has been president since 2011, but his term will end in January 2015 after losing a recent election. While he is president for now and has publicly supported Snyder and the team name before, the Navajo Nation Council does not. In April, the council voted 9-2 in opposition of Washington's team name.

Shelly's wife, Martha, is also in the luxury box.

Ben Shelly has met with Snyder previously, and the Navajo Nation hosted a celebrity golf tournament sponsored by the Redskins' Original Americans Foundation. Shelly has also been charged with financial mismanagement.