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DeMarco Murray joins Jim Brown in the record book

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The Dallas Cowboys running back is putting his name all over the history book. This week, he did something only Jim Brown has done before.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarco Murray's historic season continued Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Murray broke the 100-yard mark with a 15-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter. With that run, he joins Jim Brown as the only running back with at least 100 rushing yards in each of their first six games of the season.

Even better for the Cowboys, Murray's run gave his team a 27-23 lead with less than four minutes to play. Murray has been a big part of Dallas' effort in what's usually a very hostile climate for visiting football teams. That run gave him 115 rushing yards on 29 carries and one touchdown, one crucial touchdown.

Topping triple digit rushing yards against Seattle is no small feat. Prior to this game, Seattle was allowing an average of just 62.2 rushing yards per game to opponents, the best mark in the league. They had only allowed one touchdown on the ground, second best in the NFL.

Murray now has 785 rushing yards on the season and six rushing touchdowns. He's averaging more than 130 rushing yards per game, and is on pace for 2,088 rushing yards through 16 games this season. The record for single-season rushing yards is 2,105, set by Eric Dickerson of the Rams in 1984.

Here's the play that put Murray in the record books on Sunday.