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Eagles fan's prosthetic leg stolen, returned

Why does Philly get a bad reputation?

A woman in a giant stadium in Eagles gear. It should be easy for police to find this thief.

We have a theory on how this happened.

1. Bradley Cooper makes hype video for Eagles-Giants

2. Rocket Raccoon (played by Bradley Cooper) orders the theft of a prosthetic leg in Guardians of the Galaxy

3. An Eagles fan, realizing the connection, decides the Eagles cannot beat the Giants without prosthetic leg theft

(Artist's representation)


Update: The fan whose leg was stolen happens to be a well-known Philadelphia entertainer.


Police began to investigate after Forriest Jr. filed a police report. On Monday around 1 a.m., a SEPTA conductor found the prosthetic leg on a train at the other end of the Broad Street Line Subway at the Fern Rock Transportation Center in Olney and then contacted police.

Police reached out to Forriest Jr. to return the leg.

Investigators said that it appeared in total that three women took part in the heist.

Whew. Stop that, leg thieves!